The votes are in and thank you to all of you who voted. We had over 26,224 votes in total which is just awesome as honestly we were only expecting about 17.

After tallying up the votes, the top ten Facebook profiles with the highest votes were sent to our expert judging panel who were hidden away for confidentiality reasons on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

richard branson-karryon

Branson was there, but not part of the voting process – solely the partying

In-between lots of swims, cocktails, massages and late night dancing with the king of the skies and his entourage, the panel somehow managed to sum up the mental strength to score each profile on the following top 6 criteria:

1. Having a passion for travel (Naturally)

2. Engagement (Likes, Comments, Shares of their updates)

3. Quality and creativity of their photos and Instagram filters

4. How good looking they are

5. How many Shaun Busuttil articles they have shared, liked or commented on from Karryon

6. Whether they’d met KarryOn Founder Matt Leedham at an industry function before in fancy dress


Yes, Busuttil really is that good


Behold – Shaun Busuttil. A legend in his own Buzz night.

Unfortunately, we did have to disqualify two of the ten finalists because they were offering to ‘poke’ the judges for votes. Not cool.

One finalist even sent underwear clearly labelled for Busuttil which was burned on the grounds of health and safety. They weren’t even lace.

From the onset though, it was clear there was one standout.

This person is already well regarded for being a top achiever, innovator, and leader inside our travel industry, but their Facebook profile is truly something remarkable.

They are exceptionally good looking. They are clever. They score exceptionally well in Facebook IQ tests, and lend their support to any Facebook petition that is floating around. And their ability to create memes is in one of our judge’s words, ‘off the #$#$ing hook.’ Busuttil is regularly shared on their feed, and they also like Matt Knows Travel.


Yep. Lame.

The only negative the judges found was that they still used ‘Comic bitstrips’ on their site, which in one of the judge’s opinion “Is just really pathetic.”

So it should come as no surprise to any of you, that the winner of my ‘2016 Travel Industry Facebook Profile of The Year’ is…


Are you the winner? What would you like to say to the industry and your admirers?