There are some things that only the travel industry will understand and that’s probably a good thing. But when it comes to romance at work, here’s your chance to pick up like that courier guy who comes in – often.

Just for you, we’ve lovingly selected O’Captain’s top 23 pick up lines that are guaranteed to get you in trouble, out of trouble and back in trouble again. All in one conversation.

Or perhaps you’ll just receive a blank look. Whatever happens, you’re sure to leave a lasting impression.

They're sweet like candy

They’re sweet like candy

So use em’ at will and here’s to Cupid firing his arrow into the heart of the one you desire to be with (figuratively speaking that is).


1. I’d like to go from the first “F” to the second “F” in your F&F.

2. You’re my “F” in my “FTL.”

3. Every time I see you I feel like I’m on a one-way flight, you leave me with an open jaw.

4. Every time I see you, a part of me goes on standby

5. You’re a combination of land and tour, you’re a complete package.

6. You’re the only travel agent I’m afta, because without you, I’m on my own.

7. You TCP Me!

8. Every RTW flight brings me back to you.



9. I have a seat on a famil…

10. You waivered my favour

11. I’m your tour manager

12. I’m single, have a full head of hair, straight, don’t live with my parents, and I’m not a #$#$head.

13. I’m drunk, you’re drunk…

A match made in heaven?

A match made in heaven?

14. I’ve got a suite to myself, and you’re in an inside cabin, quad share.

15. I’m on a hotel tour, and you’re on a camping tour.

16. I’m an adventure travel BDM

17. I work for Karryon…

18. Right swipe

19. I’d like to be Platinum in your Frequent Flyer program

20. Spending time with you is worth the FBT

21. Don’t YOLO SOLO

22. You’re my comprehensive travel insurance when everything has gone to hell

23. I love the smell of vodka shots in your breath






What’s your favourite industry chat up line? Share your wisdom below.