On the same night Travel Agents learned that Fiji is the only country in the world where mums will willingly drop their children off at the kid’s club, they also discovered…

… the ‘coolest’ features in all of First Landing’s villas, AccorHotels’ plans to open a Novotel Suva and so much more about Fiji.

That’s because that night was the night of the 2018 Tourism Fiji Roadshow in Sydney.


Held at the Primus Hotel, this year’s annual gathering proved to be incredibly different to the rest as it featured more fun, more technology and an environmentally-friendly focus.

The evening started with Travel Agents being welcomed by the guys from Tourism Fiji. They were handed a handy reusable bag and told to download an app.

Yes, an app.


Once inside the venue, consultants settled in with free drinks and tasty finger food, such as beetroot and goat cheese arancini balls, vegetarian rice paper rolls, and, everyone’s favourite, mac & cheese balls.

Tourism Fiji took to the stage to once again welcome Agents and thanking them for making time to learn all about the island paradise.


The tourism board then answered the question on everyone’s mind – what’s this app all about?

The app upgraded the destination’s roadshow from the traditional speed-dating style to a tech-savvy and competitive gathering.


Consultants were told to visit one of the many suppliers in the room, chat with them and then use the app to answer three questions they would have learned throughout the presentation.

In addition to questions, they were directed to upload pictures with Fijian Princesses…


And Fijian men…


The app proved to be quite a fun addition to the event, as consultants were seen scrambling from supplier to supplier, thirsty for knowledge and answers.

At the end of the night, the consultant with the most points won a spot on an eight-day Fiji famil.

Woot Woot!


Did anyone you know attend this year’s Fiji Tourism Roadshow?