Two travel agencies around Australia opened a box of brochures to find a Golden Ticket that didn’t give them access to a chocolate factory high on the hill BUT a free cruise with Viking!

In case you didn’t know – Viking Cruises recently ran a ‘Golden Ticket’ surprise that saw three golden tickets randomly placed in three boxes of 2020-2021 Ocean Cruises brochures.

These boxes were then distributed out to travel agencies across Australia and so far, two travel agencies found the shiny passes, which they were able to exchange for a FREE CRUISE!

Those lucky agencies are…

St Ives Travel in NSW and Helloworld Redbank in Queensland.


The pair won themselves a 15-day Far East Discovery prize, which will need to be claimed by ONE AGENT before 19 July 2019… how are they going to decide that?!

There’s still one Golden Ticket out there somewhere in Australia, so Agents, start ripping open those Viking Cruises 2020-2021 Ocean Cruises brochures boxes (oh, and maybe flip through the pages too just in case it accidentally slipped in).

“Happy hunting agents of Australia – don’t delay, there’s still one ticket left to find!”

Erin Kramer, Viking Cruises Trade Marketing Manager ANZ

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Join us in congratulating the two agencies on their wins.