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Oita Prefecture: Skill Up On Japan’s Onsen Capital & WIN!

Skill up on Japan's onsen mecca and score yourself some sweet prizes, thanks to a new Oita Prefecture online training program!

Skill up on Japan’s onsen mecca and score yourself some sweet prizes, thanks to a new Oita Prefecture online training program!

Oita Prefecture on Kyushu Island isn’t just a smouldering symbol of Japan’s traditional onsen culture. This fascinating region is also packed with enough nature, culture and food to make a visit here a definite highlight of your trip!

To learn more about Oita and help travel agents and advisors get up to speed on what exactly awaits your clients in this region of Japan, Oita Prefecture has launched a new and exciting online training program.

Did you know? Each week for four weeks, one agent will WIN a $200 voucher to their favourite Japanese restaurant, and the runner up agent will win an extremely rare, and oh so cute, Lego Bonsai Tree.

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The training program

Become a black belt in all things Oita Prefecture, such as what to do, where to go, what to eat, by completing this fun and engaging online training programme and be in a better position to sell this hidden gem once people are ready to travel again.

We understand that agents are doing it tough at the moment but once travel is back on the agenda, we are confident that Aussies will be throwing themselves at Japan and, looking to more nature-based experiences outside of the bigger cities. This is what Oita Prefecture is all about!

What can I win?

Lego Bonsai Tree

Even better, by completing the training modules, not only will you feel like a superstar, but you’ll also go in the running to WIN some amazing prizes, such as a $200 voucher to your favourite Japanese restaurant and a Lego Bonsai Tree!

Each week, these prizes will be awarded to two lucky agents that have completed the training program. The first prize is the restaurant voucher and the second prize is the Lego Bonsai Tree. The competition lasts for four weeks and starts on Wednesday the 17th of March.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up to the Oita training program today, skill up and WIN some amazing prizes whilst learning about this relatively little-known part of Japan that’s surrounded by mountains and the sea.

The thermal springs capital of Japan!

Oita Prefecture

There are more than 4,000 onsen (hot springs) in Oita, thanks to its proximity to volcanic mountains, and it has some of the most highly-rated nutrient-rich water in the world – hence its popularity!

If you can only fit one onsen town into your itinerary, make it Beppu!

The Beppu Hell Circuit is a must visit. This is a series of seven amazing hot-springs that include the impossibly blue Umi Jigoku (sea hell), Oniishibozu Jigoku (where the bubbling mud looks like a monk’s shaved head), and Kamado Jigoku (named because it was once used for cooking).

Or take a sand bath at Beppu Kaihin Sunaba. Looks like fun, huh?!

As a Japanese onsen town, you’ll also be able to spend a night in a traditional ryokan (Japanese hotel) here, as they are literally dotted all over the place.

Let the relaxation begin!

And don’t get us started on the nature…

Bountiful nature is literally all around in Oita Prefecture.

For a taste of it, hop on a bike and cycle the Maple Yabakei Cycling Road which follows the old route of the single-track steam train railway line. The cycle path threads its way through the railway’s old tunnels and over its bridges delivering stunning scenery of the gorge below.

You can also wander along the boardwalks of the Tadewara Marshlands in the northern part of the Kuju mountains and spot rare plants and wildlife throughout this unique protected area. Several opportunities to hike originate here, for all skill and fitness levels.

There are also hiking trails in the Mount Yufu and Mount Takasaki regions – you can also stop by the Takasayima monkey reserve.

Oita Prefecture

And definitely visit Harajiri Falls, ranked as one of the top waterfalls in Japan and known as “Asia’s Niagara Falls”, with its 120-metre-wide mouth and 20-metre-high drop, and feel the raw power of nature!

Don’t forget to feed your inner culture vulture too!

On the culture front, Oita boasts a splendid variety of cultural immersion experiences that will leave their mark.

It is reputed to have the most stone buddhas in Japan and even offers a dedicated Pilgrimage Trail along the Kunisaki Peninsula, home to sacred forests, numerous temples and shrines.  These trails were once used by Buddhist monks in meditation.

The Fuki-ji Temple, the longest-standing wooden structure on the island (nearly 1,000 years), and the Jingu Shrine, a national treasure built in 725 AD, are both in Oita.

Back on the Kunisaki Peninsula, immerse yourself in the area’s spiritual side. For centuries, this peninsula has been home to Buddhist temples and shrines, and this vibe is almost palpable at the Futagoji Temple. Inside a forest, it’s the perfect place to get your zen on.

Then, check out an enthralling Drum Tao performance in Taketa in central Oita – its’ city of origin. Tao is a type of traditional Japanese drum and dance ensemble that combines music and dance in a spectacular display of cultural expression. Unlike in Tokyo, performances here are held in smaller venues, lending to a more intimate encounter and more memorable experience.

Oh, and FYI, Oita is also a great place to be for cherry blossom season, which blooms earlier here than in the rest of Japan – usually late March.

And foodies, you’re gonna love it here…

Foodies, get excited, because Oita Prefecture is a smorgasbord of culinary delights, just waiting for your tastebuds! Thanks to its seaside location, the prefecture is known for its amazing seafood, such as seki mackerel, shiroshita flounder and juicy kuruma shrimp!

Whatever you eat, you must try toriten, a local favourite, which is like fried chicken but fried as tempura and flavoured to the bomb. Oita is also famous for its standard fried chicken, karaage.

Oh, and for something a little different on your palate, make sure you try some jigoku mushi, which is a method of cooking that utilises Oita’s volcanic steam to cook food, from traditional dishes through to pizza and even pudding! The volcanic steam really enhances the flavour of whatever is cooked!

Japan dreaming

Sign up to the Oita Prefecture training program today, skill up and WIN some amazing prizes!

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