Entire Travel Group has listened to your feedback, and as a result, they’ve merged their ten separate websites into one swish, streamlined site for Agents, which unites all their specialist wholesale programs.

You’ll now find Entire Travel Group’s nine specialist programs through tabs on www.entiretravel.com.au.

Entire Travel Group’s Chief Executive Brad McDonnell, who announced the news in Sydney last night, said the new site also offers Agents several handy new features.

This includes being able to search for a selection of activities or themes across Entire Travel Group’s full range of destinations and experiences.

“That means that if an Agent is searching for honeymoon options, for instance, they can with one click call up honeymoon experiences across all of our destinations.”

Chief Executive Brad McDonnell

“They can do the same with other themes such as cycling, nature, wellness, cultural and battlefields.”

As part of the image overhaul, Entire Travel Group is dropping the ‘Travel Connection’ signature used to identify each of its nine brands.

Now all destinations or products will be combined with the shared phrase, ‘brought to you by Entire Travel Group’.


“Now we have one brand, one website and one 1300 number. It’s a simple message to the trade that we are Entire Travel Group. If you liked us for France, try us for Italy, if you liked us for Italy try us for the Maldives.”

Chief Executive Brad McDonnell

The new brand also incorporates Entire Travel Group’s first tagline  ‘When experience matters’ – a reference to the first-hand experience offered by their consultants, with more than half of them born in the countries they represent.

Brett believes the changes will drive greater brand recognition and save Agents time while also preparing the company for more growth.

Entire Travel Group’s new look will feature on its 2020 brochure range, with brochures now arriving in Travel Agencies across the country.

Another hot tip to note is that Entire Travel Group has also assigned every one of their products an exclusive TourCode number featured across all brochures, flyers and the new website.

Using the unique TourCode, you now locate product details and prices within seconds. They will also be providing agent-friendly (client copy) invoicing across all destinations.