Online chat has had a HUGE impact on the way humans communicate from the way they meet potential lovers to how much they complain about poor service & how they obtain product knowledge.

Online chat is a convenient alternative to waiting on the phone for hours on end or standing in line, but is it really how everyone wants to communicate when it comes to business? More specifically, is it how Travel Advisors want to connect with their favourite suppliers?

We put the question to the thousands of Travel Advisors following our Facebook page and were surprised to find that while they see online chat with suppliers as advantageous, it’s not necessarily their preferred method of communication.

In fact, they don’t entire prefer phone chat either. They’re completely split.

Some 50.2 percent of Travel Advisors said they’d prefer to chat to suppliers over the phone, while an extremely close 49.8 percent indicated that they prefer online communications.


Respondents such as Jake said that having a digital alternative allows him to multitask…


And Belle said online is only convenient if it actually works and is available on weekends as well as weekdays…


Isabelle sees the benefits of online chats and would love for airlines offer it as a communication option for Travel Advisors…


While Lyndel sees digital communication as a waste when a tiny adjustment requires amending and multiple respondents…



How do you prefer to communicate with suppliers?