Wouldn’t it be fancy to enjoy a meal surrounded by Vladmir Putin, Tony Abbott or Joe Hockey?



QT Canberra is celebrating the first Parliamentary Sitting week of 2015 with a retrospective look to 2014, showcasing the 2014 Walkley Award Winners for Cartoons in the multi-award winning Capitol Bar and Grill.

The Walkleys were started in 1956, and have been the pinnacle of achievement for any Australian journalist for almost 60 years. No matter the era, Walkley Award-winning stories have always chronicled Australia’s history, people and events.


Cartoons Abbott

QT Canberra will feature the Best Cartoon and Best Artwork award winners including Ron Tandberg’s cartoon from The Age, Joe’s Budget, and Eric Lobbecke’s artwork from The Australian, Chopper Jockey.

In addition to celebrating the return of Parliament to Canberra, the display also coincides with the launch of an exciting new menu at the Capitol Bar & Grill, designed by QT’s Creative Food Director, Robert Marchetti.

The new menu will include the “Seafood Pie”- a seafood variation on everyone’s favourite, the “Pollies Pie” – filled with snapper, ocean trout, scallops, prawns and peas in an old school white sauce and a puff pastry top. The 2014 Walkley display is on for a limited time only, from Monday 9 February until 9 March 2015 (Canberra Day), so be sure to get in quick!

Which cartoon do you think will win the Walkley Award?