Did you know that the average Aussie travelling through Europe goes through three plastic bottles each day? It doesn’t sound like much until you realise 771,800 Aussies travel there annually.

Then if the average trip is 14 days, that’s over 32 million plastic bottles used by Australian travellers alone in Europe every year.

32 million! That’s math that’ll make you…


Can you imagine how many plastic bottles Aussie travellers are going through worldwide?!

After completing the terrifying calculations, Contiki decided it needed to do something to reduce the amount of plastic bottles recycled by its guests during their fun-filled trips across the Old Continent.

But the solution couldn’t be giving its guests an average reusable bottle because it’s only safe to drink tap water in 58 percent of European countries.

Cue the arrival of the Contiki Cares Bottle.


The Contiki Cares Bottle is a reusable bottle made from 100% recycled material that comes with an built-in filtration system that allow users to drink safe tap water from ANYWHERE in the world.

The silicone-based water bottle is also collapsible making it easy to travel with.

Marketing Director, Vanessa Fletcher, said the new initiative is a “tangible way” for guests to know they’re having a “positive impact on our environment”.

The Contiki Cares Bottle launches today alongside World Tourism Day and is available for purchase for $15 to anyone who books a European Summer 2019 Contiki trip.

Check out the bottle in action below.

Providing guests with the option to purchase reusable, filtered bottles is the latest initiative from the youth tour operator to cut back on plastic used throughout its operations and follows the removal of plastic straws and replacing plastic bin liners with biodegradable liners made up of potatoes.

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Are you keen to get your hands on one of those bottles?