Cruise lines are going plastic-free, tour operators are going plastic-free, major hotel brands are going plastic-free, COUNTRIES are going plastic-free and now,…

Luxury resorts/entire islands are going plastic-free.

Fiji’s Royal Davui Island Resort revealed plans to be one of the most environmentally-friendly resorts in the world by eradicating all plastics.


The plan kicks off in two days (1 July 2018) when all single serving plastic items are removed from the premises.

Plastic food containers will no longer be available, drinking straws will be replaced with paper straws and plastic bottles will be replaced with reusable glass bottles, which can be filled via a state-of-the-art filtration system and delivered to guest villas daily.

Additionally,  the 16-villa property is searching for ways to improve waste reduction and will discontinue miniature daily toiletry bottles in favour of larger bottle that can go home with guests.



Royal Davui’s Owner, Christopher Southwick, said the decision to go plastic-free came after realising nearly 10,000 straws were used last year, along with 2,500 food containers and 15,000 water bottles.

“Eliminating all of these items moves us closer to becoming a plastic free island.”

Christopher Southwick, Royal Davui Island Resort Owner



Located to the south of Suva, Royal Davui is already one of the more environmentally-friendly properties worldwide, having been constructed “responsibly” around old growth trees. It was also one of the first Fijian resorts to install a full tertiary water treatment plant meaning all wastewater is cleaned and reused with no impact to the environment.

In 2009, the resort owners built a more ecofriendly water supply by constructing a catchment on the top of neighbouring Beqa Island and running a five kilometre pipe anchored to the lagoon bed to feed the island’s storage tanks. This eliminated the need for a desalination plant and its negative environmental impacts. Not only does the water line provide pristine water to the island, it supplies clean water to the local village and school.


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