Excite Holidays is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for its employees who may be struggling with personal issues at home or in the workplace.

The online wholesaler demonstrated this commitment late last week when it hosted a special morning tea on R U OK? Day.

The gathering of employees promoted the significance of having meaningful conversations and encouraging team members to check in on each other’s mental health by asking a simple yet important question – are you okay?


Excite Holidays’ Head of HR, Ashleigh Carr, said often we all get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget to check in on others and find out how they are, and the morning was a chance to highlight this.

She continued, speaking about the purpose of R U OK? Day and providing resources for structuring these potentially life-saving conversations.


“Seeing who’s struggling in life isn’t always obvious, but by staying connected and having meaningful conversations regularly, can make the world of difference to someone in need.”

Ashleigh Carr, Excite Holidays Head of HR

“There are a thousand ways to start a conversation, it doesn’t matter how you ask, as long as you show you care. We encourage our team to be a part of this powerful conversation movement and keep the message alive every day by asking R U OK?’.”

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Did your company host a special gathering for R U OK? Day?