It’s been a really tough year for the people of Lombok, with a recent series of earthquakes damaging or destroying 80% of structures on the Indonesian island, leaving thousands without shelter.

Infinity Holidays and Buffalo Tours both wanted to lend a helping hand, so together they have pledged to build 150 short-term and 40 permanent shelters on the island.

Country Manager for Buffalo Tours Indonesia Peter Christensen said the companies had committed nearly $80,000 so the shelters could be built immediately, instead of a fundraiser where help would be too late getting to those in need.

Image: AAP

“Lombok has always welcomed our travellers so it’s time we repaid that kindness. Our long-standing motto is ‘Changing Lives Through Travel’ and this is an opportunity to put action behind those words”.

Country Manager for Buffalo Tours Indonesia Peter Christensen

The project will be expanded as more of Buffalo Tours’ partners join to supply shelters and dig wells in Lombok.

Two types of anti-quake shelters will be built: temporary, single-family shelters which cost US$240 per unit and semi-permanent, multi-family shelters at a cost of US$1080 per unit.

Once enough shelters have been built, any remaining funds will be used to dig wells for access to clean drinking water.

To ensure 100% of the proceeds reach Indonesians in need, all overhead costs for Project Shelter will be covered by Infinity Holidays and Buffalo Tours.


Buffalo’s partners and other interested parties are encouraged to reach out to [email protected] if they wish to join the relief effort.

Join us in congratulating Infinity and Buffalo Tours on their #traveltochangetheworld efforts.