If 2019 is, as Barry Mayo described, the year of refinement, then TravelManagers should keep up with the process of perfecting because it has a positive effect on the group’s business.

Three months into the new year and TravelManagers has experienced record-breaking sales, including a best-ever trading month in February 2019.

Grant Campbell, the home-based group’s Chief Operating Officer, says sales from January through to March grew seven percent compared to the same period last year thanks to strong long-haul demand and a return to guided tours.


Grant Campbell says long-haul played a big role in the group’s big sales quarter.

Asia was one of the strongest performing countries, with the highest percentage growth (17 percent) at TravelManagers, followed by Africa (seven percent). Together, the two regions contributed to a 70 percent increase in total adventure travel sales.

High-value destinations across Europe also achieved a close to 10 percent growth while guided coach tours and customised holiday packages increased 27 and 21 percent respectively.


Surprisingly, sports-related sales also grew group-wide, and although it was a relatively small percentage of overall volume, Campbell believes this growth to be a “hallmark of the company’s overall philosophy”.

“We have a network of PTMs who among them represent a vast range of interests when it comes to travel, and every area of the company is designed to foster that entrepreneurial spirit so that they can grow their businesses by pursuing those interests.”

Grant Campbell, TravelManagers Chief Operating Officer

Looking into the near-future, Campbell believes that although the rest of 2019 will have its challenges, there’ll be more great things ahead.


Join us in congratulating the TravelManagers family on a successful year.