Personal travel manager Michelle Lehn has gone from feeling “like a number” working for a big company to living the life she had always imagined, by running her travel business in partnership with TravelManagers.

The Sutherland Shire local said she had been working as a travel advisor for nearly 13 years when she began considering her next move.

“I felt like a number in a big company and thought I would take a chance and back myself as I knew I always wanted to work for myself,” she said.


“I was recommended to speak to TravelManagers and they were fantastic and answered all my questions about the support offered by the national partnership office, which helped my final decision to make the move.”

She made the move about 18 months ago and said she loves the freedom and flexibility of working for herself.

“I don’t have to wear a uniform and sit in an office all day and my clients love it.”

“Being able to work around my clients and not set hours really helps. It is so much more relaxing for them to meet at a cafe or at their house when planning their holidays.”

Personal Travel Manager Michelle Lehn


She said being a personal travel manager came with the added bonus of being able to travel when she wants and for however long she wants. And travel advisors who are well travelled know their stuff.

“I can now work from anywhere, which means not having to fight to get annual leave approved,” she said.

“I am so much more relaxed, and happier than I have ever been.”

A typical day for Michelle starts with a juice or coffee with family or friends at a local cafe where she often runs into clients and has a chat to them.

“Most of them always have plans for upcoming holidays, so is good to catch up with them and talk about their plans,” she said.

When it comes to appointments she usually meets her clients at cafes or at their place to book their holidays or go through their documents.

She said the support she regularly receives from the TravelManagers family is amazing, both from the National Partnership Office and from other personal travel managers.

She said there is no competition with other Personal Travel Managers and everybody just really wants to help each other out.

Michelle describes her decision to work for herself as “a refreshing change”.

“You can tailor your business to your life rather than the other way around.”