Risqué new murals installed at Flight Centre’s Auckland Headquarters, have come under fire by New Zealand publication Stuff.co.nzThe article suggests that the images, designed to inspire employees to hit sales targets, are sexist and promote an unhealthy work culture.

If you haven’t seen the murals for yourself, here’s the artwork in question.

One paints a picture of a female employee at The Global Gathering. She has her skirt hitched up, one shoe missing, has a glass of booze in hand and is wearing a pair of devil’s horns.

The poster also suggests that high achieving female staff members who make the event should carry a few condoms with them in their ‘Survival Kit’ because they should “always be prepared and ready to roll”.

Flight Centre has never shied away from their boozy, fun, young and wild culture so some may be wondering why the posters are being seen as so controversial. Surprised much?

The male mural, however, paints a very different picture.

It shows a young male staff member in uniform, wearing a headset.

While he is holding a ‘roadie’, he is fully clothed and his essentials include an energy drink and an iPhone, with no condoms to be seen.

The mural refers to male employees knowing their numbers, targets and goals.

There are zero references to sex, the article points out.

Stuff says they were approached by a Flight Centre employee, who felt “compelled to speak out about the Flight Centre culture”.

Flight Centre’s Chief Financial Officer Victoria Courtney defended the new murals to Stuff, saying they were simply “tongue in cheek” and that the company had a “work-hard, party-hard” culture.


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