If you’re feeling compelled to help locals affected by these terrible bushfires, but not sure where to start, jump in the car and make a difference while travelling our beautiful country.

Like many of us, Zoe Manderson, co-founder of travel tech startup Alpaca, was feeling helpless in the face of all the devastation following the recent Australian bushfires.

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With a passion for tourism and getting people off the beaten track, Zoe used her knowledge in the latest mapping technology to contribute to the bushfire relief cause in a different way.

Within 24 hours, Zoe coordinated the launch of Roadtrip For Good, a social initiative that gives businesses in fire-affected regions a platform to list that they are back open and ready for visitors.


How it works

Business owners in these towns are able to register their business via this link, which will then add them to Roadtrip for Good’s interactive map.

“In addition to donating, I really wanted to encourage people back to these towns after the dust settles – to buy their coffee, eat their food, stay a night,”

Zoe Manderson, co-founder of Alpaca

Keen roadtrippers can use the map guide to explore these communities and engage the Trip Planner to save their favourite spots and create their own itinerary.

These itineraries can then be followed on the ground on phone or print to ensure travellers stay on track.

There is also a safety alerts button on the website, to ensure all travellers are up to date and safe during their journey.

Zoe envisages this being a long term project, as the long term support, she believes, is really important in helping these regions get back on their feet.

“Even if not directly affected by the fires, these communities will be holding heavy hearts. We want people to go with wide smiles and open wallets and show these towns that we care.”,

Zoe Manderson, co-founder of Alpaca

Roadtrip For Good will continue to grow the project over the coming weeks, just in time for an Easter long weekend road trip.

Zoe believes that while the initiative is simple, it’s powerful.

“We are hoping that Australians will be inspired to think of their holidays a little differently from now on, to ensure that our regional towns not only survive but thrive.”

Zoe Manderson, co-founder of Alpaca

Click here for more information and follow the initiative on Facebook.