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R&R: 10 Wonderful Things You Can Do To Ease Your Anxiety

Okay, we totally get that self-isolation isn't ideal, but what if we looked at it from a fresh perspective? Perhaps these challenging times can instead be a time of wellness, reflection, and creativity.

Okay, we totally get that self-isolation isn’t ideal, but what if we looked at it from a fresh perspective? Perhaps these challenging times can instead be a time of wellness, reflection, and creativity.

Yin energy is that of introspection, insight, and healing. A time to embrace turning inwards; to cultivate creativity.

So during this time of uncertainty, why not try to channel this introverted moon energy and easing your anxiety by being kind to your mind, body, and soul.

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We’ve put together 10 wellness concentrations that can help support you on this journey:


Get creative

Ease Anxiety

Take some time out to do what you love.

Draw, paint, colour, crochet, knit, sing, dance, make something, play an instrument; turn your emotion into art and enjoy the process of creating magic.



Ease Anxiety

Writing is incredibly healing.

Whether you keep a daily journal, a gratitude diary, to-do lists, write letters to friends, poetry or articles for a website, take the time to turn your thoughts into words and let the ink flow.


Talk to people

Ease Anxiety

Self-iso can feel pretty isolating (the clue’s in the name), however, thanks to technology, you can still connect with your friends and family over a cyber cuppa.

Pick up the phone, sing off your balcony and stay connected. It’ll make you feel a whole lot better.


Create a peaceful atmosphere

Ease Anxiety

We’re talking soothing essential oils, crystals, candles, mood lighting, cushions, artwork, chocolate… whatever it is that makes you feel calm, surround yourself with it!


Roll out your yoga mat

Ease Anxiety

Stretching has so many benefits; such as increasing circulation, helping posture and lowering stress levels.

You will find heaps of videos online that can guide you with your practice at home.


Read a book

Ease Anxiety

Let’s face it, you probably have 237 books on your shelves that you have never had the time to read.


Get lost in a story or learn something new; it might even help you sleep better.


Have a bath

Ease Anxiety

Grab the Epson salts and take a long, relaxing soak. Dim the lights, hit play on your favourite album and sip on whatever it is you like to sip on.

You’ve probably been craving these moments of bliss for a long, long time!


Get some fresh air

Ease Anxiety

If you are able to, take a walk. Sit in the garden or on the balcony. Open your windows. Let the fresh air into your home and your mind.

Let the air cleanse your surroundings and allow your body to truly feel the elements.


Enjoy a mindful cup of tea

Ease Anxiety

Tea, in my opinion, fixes everything. It’s my go-to.

It could also be yours. If it’s not, you can do this with any drink! Or food. Chocolate is also a great choice!

Mindfulness is what this exercise is about. Take a sip. Savour the liquid in your mouth. Experience it with all your senses. How do you feel? Concentrate on this precise moment and enjoy the break.


Focus on your breath

Ease Anxiety

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of breathwork.

By gently controlling your breath, you can allow yourself to gain focus and clarity once again.

Notice if you’re breathing into your chest or your belly. If you’re breathing into your chest, relax your body and try to inhale the oxygen in your next in-breath all the way down to your belly. This moves your body from a sympathetic nervous system (which controls your fight or flight mode) to a parasympathetic system.

The parasympathetic system controls your rest, relax, and digest response. When the parasympathetic system is dominant, your breathing slows, your heart rate drops, your blood pressure lowers, and your body is guided back into a state of calm and healing.

If you are familiar with other types of breathwork, you might want to try these methods too.

Click here for a short breathwork tutorial.


What else do you do to ease your anxiety?

Got any tips for us? We’d love to hear them! Email us editor@karryon.com.au