Travel Agents are like chameleons – constantly morphing their image and expertise to meet demand and sell holidays. One day they’ll be expedition experts and the next they’re river cruise geniuses.

They’re required to keep up with travel trends in order to continue bringing in cash and the latest trend they may want to jump on, according to one of their own, is… Africa.

Northern Territory based Travel Agent, Jonathan Jones, is encouraging his peers to get to know the continent a little better after experiencing a large spike in sales.


Image: Harshil Gudka/Unsplash

Jones told Bench Africa that sales to the region are booming across Australia at the moment, even in the Top End.

“I’ve seen a big increase in Africa enquiries, particularly as the region moves from a fringe to a fundamental destination.”

Jonathan Jones, Travel Agent

The tour operator corroborated Jones’ statement, saying they’ve experienced such a large uptake in Africa tours in the last five years that they’ve had to triple staff to meet demand.


Image: Chen Hu/Unsplash

Cameron Neill, Bench’s Trade Manager, described the rising interest in the region as “amazing” as more Aussies see it as less of an elusive dream destination and more of an achievable reality.

“So many Agents like Jonathan are discovering how great Africa can be for their business and taking steps to really focus on it for their clients.”

Cameron Neill, Bench Africa Trade Manager

FUN FACT: Did you know the continent is named after the Egyptian word ‘Afru-ika‘, which means ‘Motherland’?


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Have you seen an increase in enquiries in the continent?