People can have misconceptions about South Africa, especially if they have never travelled there before. When selling the destination you want to put yourself in the best position possible to make your clients feel assured and excited about their African Adventure.

Aside from travelling to this remarkable country for yourself, there are plenty of ways to keep up-to-date with what South Africa has to offer.

To help you sell South Africa, we spoke to South Africa Tourism’s Trade Relations Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Melyne Hovasapian about what Travel Agents need to know. Here are her top five tips.


1. Consult a wholesaler

Definitely consult through a wholesaler as they are specialists in the destination and can offer support and advice to make you sound more professional and in-the-know.

Selling South Africa can be difficult if you haven’t visited the country yourself because it’s such a large country with so many offerings.

Wholesalers also offer 24 hour emergency assistance for your clients. Another benefit is that they have teams on the ground.


2. Bust safari myths


Sometimes your clients may find the price of a luxe safari quite expensive. It’s good to make them aware that the price not only covers the incredible accommodation but usually includes two three hour safari experiences per day, five meals per day and alcoholic beverages. It is an all-inclusive price for an unforgettable experience.

It’s always assumed you need a week on safari but three nights is more than enough to see the big five and have an amazing time.

Also, remind your clients that safari accommodation is usually better value than what you would pay for luxury accommodation in Australia.


3. Become a specialist

South African Tourism offers an online training program which you can find here. It only takes a couple of hours to complete it and once you do you will be a South Africa Specialist.

There are also ongoing video modules to further your knowledge on specialist topics. Once you complete the training your details will be on the South African tourism website so consumers can see who is a specialist. It’s like a free referral system from an official government body.

Being a South Africa Specialist also puts you in the running to be chosen to go on one of our famils.

I am also available for one on one training in person or via phone.


4. Value for money (3)

Many people make the incorrect assumption that South Africa is an expensive country to travel to, however, most of the of the major airlines have numerous sales a year with prices starting from $1200 return from Australia.

Five-star accommodation in South Africa is the price of four-star accommodation in Australia and every day expenses are about half the price of those in Australia.

You can have a three-course meal at one of the top restaurants with a bottle of wine starting from $35 Aussie dollars per person.

Epic experiences like a full day shark cave diving tour lead in at $150 compared to Australia where it’s closer to $500.


Busting the Joburg myth

Maboneng south Africa

People tend to think that you should bypass Johannesburg and head straight to Cape Town. People assume you can’t leave your hotel because it’s so unsafe but just like any major city in the world; exercise caution and you’ll have an amazing time. Downtown Joburg where people once avoided is now in the midst of a massive rejuvenation.

The youth have come together and cleaned up the city. Advise your clients to check out the Maboneng precinct for its funky vibe. If they’re there on the weekend they can pay a visit to the Neighbour Goods market on Saturday and the Market on Main on Sunday.

Joburg also offers the great cultural experience of visiting a township where you can see Nelson Mandela’s home and the Apartheid Museum.

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Do you sell South Africa? Will these tips help you? Let us know below.