There are calls to save a baby elephant called Dumbo from a zoo in Phuket after sickening footage was leaked of the animal being forced to rave and head bang to loud music to entertain tourists.

Activist group Moving Animals is now campaigning for Dumbo (who lives chained up when not entertaining the masses) to be moved to a sanctuary.

Amy Jones, from Moving Animals, told The Independent that it is tourists’ money that pays to keep this poor elephant in captivity.

Image: MovingAnimals

Unless she is freed she will spend the rest of her life forced to perform day after day.

“Shocking photos also reveal her skeletal body, raising concerns of possible malnourishment and exhaustion.”

Amy Jones, from Moving Animals

“When she is not performing, she stands on display for tourists, all while silently sucking on her trunk for comfort — a sign of distress seen when infant elephants are without their mother,” Amy explained.

“We must stop this from being her fate for the rest of her life.”

Image: MovingAnimals

Moving Animals has started a petition calling for Phuket Zoo to release this baby elephant to an ethical sanctuary immediately.

The petition has already been signed over 46,000 times. You can sign it here.

Have you signed the petition yet?