It’s a common credence among tourism industry professionals that working in the sector has ruined them for any other because nothing it quite as fun as dealing with travel on a day-to-day.

However, the love of travel isn’t completely stopping tourism professionals from dabbling into areas part-time.

A new study conducted by the AMP Foundation found that nearly two thirds of all Australian tourism workers are working on a side project.

Everday we be hustlin’!

Research found that 67 percent of Aussies working in travel are clocking off from their full-time gig and logging straight into their passion after hours, whether it be blogging, photography, jewellery making and more.

This trend makes tourism professionals some of the hardest working country-wide as their 9-5 is now closer to 9-9.

Aside from having a complete addiction to working in travel, some 47 percent of those without a side hustle said they didn’t have the financial funds to pursue one while 20 percent said they’re lacking the time.

The study also found that tourism workers are the most productive at the start of the week, with 60 percent feeling inspired on Mondays and Tuesdays.


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