There’s a new player in the industry known as Livn, a single integration point providing access to the tours and activities market, designed to make Agent’s lives easier.

Livn worked through “a myriad of data, industry and technological challenges”, to create a single API with access to more than 20 individual reservation systems.

Steve Martinez, Livn’s Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, believes the advent of Livn will present “a whole new world of immediate opportunity” to online travel agencies and offline travel agencies in the online world of tours and cctivities.


“Historically, any one of our partners had to build integrations to 20 different booking systems, each with different frameworks and parameters,” he said.

“With the lack of data consistency across the industry, it was an absolute mess and was preventing this incredibly popular sector of our industry from reaping the benefits of the digital era.”

Steve Martinez, Livn’s Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

The Livn vision was to adopt a GDS approach and build a single, unified data structure.


“Our distribution partners are able to benefit from automated integration from a single touch point, which means they can be in market in eight weeks, rather than 18 months it would have taken previously,” Steve says.

“Further, our partners are now able to focus on what they do best – creating wonderful travel experiences – rather than struggling with technological integrations across a suite of fragmented booking systems”.

Its open network means upgrades are delivered instantaneously. In turn, partners will no longer have to maintain and upgrade each of the integrations of individual booking systems. Click here for more information.


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