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So you think you know GFOB: A refresher course and chance to WIN!

Unless you’re a newly-minted travel agent, you know the Globus family of brands fairly well. You know they have a long-standing heritage of over 90 years. And you know the brands' diversity of products and experiences are top-notch. But, we know there are some surprises in here, so keep reading to refresh your knowledge...

Unless you’re a newly-minted travel agent, you know the Globus family of brands fairly well. You know they have a long-standing heritage of over 90 years. And you know the brands’ diversity of products and experiences are top-notch. But, we know there are some surprises in here, so keep reading to refresh your knowledge…

Isn’t it interesting? Humans love routine. We love knowing when things are happening and what’s coming… until we go travelling, that is. And then we’re open to new experiences and can handle change at a moment’s notice.

It’s no surprise, then, that travel businesses (like Globus family of brands) evolve the fastest of them all, leaving us potentially out of touch with the innovations they’ve been rapidly introducing.

So, we present ‘So You Think You Know GFOB’, a guide to all things you may have missed in the Globus family of brands.

The GFOB you know & love

Algarve, Portugal

There are four brands under the Globus family of brands umbrella; Globus, Avalon Waterways, Cosmos, and Monograms.

You know that Globus offers travellers a world beyond, with fully-escorted tours to over 66 countries all over the world. It’s the go-to product for travellers looking for an effortless vacation fuelled by knowledgeable tour directors and local guides.

Of course, you know Avalon Waterways and their high-end explorations of the world’s best rivers. You know about their cruise ships’ floor-to-ceiling windows that immerse passengers into the destination they’re sailing past. Perfect whether sailing the Danube, the Nile, or the Mekong.

We’re sure that you also know all about Cosmos, GFOB’s budget-friendly tour company. Cosmos takes care of the essentials, leaving the savvy traveller to add in as much or as little extra sightseeing during the tour’s free time.

And you know, right, that local host facilitator on every Monograms tour is the star of the show (beyond the destination, of course)? Monogram’s all-in-one packages suit the independent traveller that wants local intel to enable the richest experience, no matter where they are travelling.

The new side to GFOB you’re about to fall in love with

Avalon Active & Discovery painting class

With an already diverse range of businesses to meet the needs of every kind of traveller, you may be forgiven for not paying attention to GFOB’s innovating undertakings in recent years. Or even thinking that GFOB doesn’t need to innovate at all. And yet, still, they do: always thinking, planning, constantly evolving.

The Avalon Taste Test: To broaden their travel appeal and to take advantage of the ever-changing travel landscape, Avalon Waterways introduced their Taster Cruises in 2019. Offering 11 cruises travelling up to six days, passengers can still experience Avalon Waterway’s 5-star luxury cruising, VIP access to the best landmarks, and the cultural enrichment delivered by the local guides – only on a shorter timeframe!

Interactive Travel: For a more tailored trip, Avalon’s Active and Discovery river cruises accommodate travellers looking to uncover a destination in new and exciting ways. With experiences like French cooking classes in Lyon, and bike riding along the Danube, passengers gain a deeper understanding of the destination and the locals who call it home.

Your Tour, YourChoice: YourChoice is Globus’ antidote to anyone looking for the guidance and safety of a group trip, but with the flexibility to do it their way. This new way of touring doesn’t cost extra, either, every curated excursion is included in the package price! With Choice Touring by Globus, one size most certainly does not fit all. In fact, with the wide range of excursions on offer, every traveller gets the flexibility to cater their trip to their unique interests, passions, and holiday goals.

Escapes by Globus: For the budget-conscious, Escapes by Globus is a huge drawcard. It’s off-season travel to escape those ghastly summer price hikes. Compiling the best itineraries from around the world, Escapes is for the traveller that prefers fewer crowds and better deals and is prepared to travel in the low season (chillier months) to get both.

The sustainable GFOB you may not know much about

Ocean Cleanup

Did you know the ‘S’ in Globus represents sustainability? Okay, we made that up (was sustainability even a thing back in 1928?), but it could be because GFOB has some cool sustainability initiatives.

Trees4Travel: Did you know that Avalon now offset the carbon footprint of every guest’s cruise experience? Yup, partnering with Trees4Travel, Avalon expects to donate tens of thousands of trees in 2022.

Trees4Travel match every Avalon donation, doubling everyone’s efforts. Plus, all passengers on all GFOB trips can choose to purchase additional trees to offset other portions of their travel.

Ocean Cleanup: Alongside Trees4Travel, GFOB also partners with Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit committed to cleaning up the floating plastic clogging Earth’s waterways. This is alongside their sustainability initiatives onboard Avalon cruises and across the other three GFOB brands.

Electric River Cruising: Did you know that Avalon Waterways has also committed to building the first fully electric river cruise vessel, unveiling by 2027? Well, you do now!

The GFOB you can get to know first-hand when you WIN THIS PRIZE!

Avalon Imagery II, Panorama Suite

If you’re into winning cool adventures overseas, you have no doubt seen Globus’s tantalising competition sending four lucky agents away on the trip of a lifetime.

If you’re like us, you’ve not only entered multiple times (even though we can’t win) but you’ve snapped creative pics for extra entries too.

You’ve also mentally picked out your travel wardrobe, right? (Is a red beret for the Avalon Burgundy and Provence Cruise too cliché? Asking for a friend).

A recap on what you could win:

Click here for the competition deets.

Keen to know Globus even better? Check out the GFOB fam’s full range here, or give them a call on 1300 130 134. Or maybe just win that competition and get a first-hand look-see on your prize vacation!

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