By default (and a completely welcome default), working in travel generally comes with a number of travel opportunities, which makes those in the industry some of the most travelled people in the world.


As well-travelled people, industry professionals know a fair bit about various countries, we understand the importance of keeping things green and we know who to turn to for real ‘local’ experiences’.

More importantly, we LOVE talking about travel and sharing our experiences, but apparently what we see as insightful advice, others see as obnoxious bragging.

Aussie comedian, Tanya Hennessy, recently posted a video to Facebook on travellers’ most annoying habits, and well, they look a lot like some of the annnoying habits others see in us travel professionals.

How many of these are you guilty of?


1. Travel professionals can always find a way to talk about their travel history

The conversation could revolve around something as boring as stocking up on staples and yet a true travel industry professionals will expertly know how to re-route the conversation to the one time she found a lucky staple while swimming in a Cuban waterfall.

“You’re going overseas? Let me tell you about everything I know about ever country I’ve ever been to even though you’re going to none of the countries I have been to.”

  • Tanya Hennessy


2. Travel professionals always compare local produce to those overseas

You can never fully appreciate a local adaptation of international cuisine once you’ve tried it in its country of origin. Once travel professionals know where to find the good sh#t they’ll let you know exactly where it is, over and over and over again.

“I know you think that coffee is delicious but you haven’t had good coffee until you’ve been to Spain.”

  • Tanya Hennessy


3. Travel professionals will pick at inaccurate movie portrayals


Sorry, but not sorry. If Hollywood wants to inaccurately portrayl a city or country in a movie then everyone is going to hear about it from a travel professional.

“It’s so weird how they do the manger in biblical stories because it doesn’t look like that. I know because I’ve been to Israel and it doesn’t look like that, it’s actually underground.”

  • Tanya Hennessy


4. Travel professionals are experiential snobs


Travel professionals know what’s up in the industry, they know that ‘local experiences’ are in and ‘tourist hot spots’ are out. So if you’re going to brag about your holiday, don’t brag about a place that’s overflowing with visitors – they’ll give you so much shade you.

“Yeah I didn’t love Sri Lanka, it was a bit touristy for me. But that’s great that you love it, you love touristy, you love the big red bus. You got a little magnet? That’s not for me, I like to go off the beaten track. But that’s cool for you, yeah cute.”

  • Tanya Hennessy


5. Travel professionals will judge you for not travelling


Once you travel, you never stop travelling – it’s what all travel professionals will agree on and they can’t for the life of them fathom why anyone wouldn’t want to go on a trip. Oh, and they’ll 100% judge you for your poor life choices.

“Can I tell you, nothing changed my life like going to Denmark. I had like the biggest life explosion. Everything makes sense now. You need to get out of the country, Sarah. Seriously, stop working at Forever New and get to Denmark.”

  • Tanya Hennessy


Watch the full video below:

When people TRAVEL

TRAVEL WANKERS are the worst

Posted by Tanya Hennessy on Sunday, December 2, 2018


How many of these are you guilty of?