The sea will be able to sparkle with one less harmful material flooding its floor as another cruise line takes a positive step towards cleaner cruising.

The cruise line known for tantalising its guests taste buds (didn’t know that? Click here to find out why), Oceania Cruises, has teamed up with Vero Water to eliminte plastic water bottles from its ships.

Vero Water’s still and sparkling water distallation systems, currently used by premium luxury hospitality brands such as JW Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Hyatt and more, will be installed on the line’s vessels between April and June this year.


Once introduced, Oceania Cruises will be able to eliminate the use of three million plastic bottles per year, and guests will be able to enjoy crisp and perfectly chilled water from dishwasher-safe glass bottles without the environmental guilt.

Cruisers will be able to access Vero Water services in suites, staterooms, restaurants, lounges and bars. From the second half of 2019, they’ll also receive re-usable Vero Water bottles to use during off-shore excursions.


“By introducing Vero Water to the Oceania Cruises experience, we are not only taking a quantum leap forward environmentally, we are providing our guests with the gold-standard of still and sparkling water.”

Bob Binder, Oceania Cruises President & CEO


Are you on board with plastic-free cruising?