The message was loud & clear at Flight Centre Travel Group’s 2018 Christmas slip ‘n’ slide because it was stuck to the back of some guy’s Speedo.

No, literally. A Flight Centre employee stuck the message ‘Now Hiring’ on the backend of his speedos as he took a ride down the wet zone.


Are you submitting your resume?

Despite now being in its… does anyone actually remember the year it started? Flight Centre Travel Group’s staff still managed to shock and surprise peers as they dove feet and sometimes head first down the annual slip ‘n’ slide.

Standing out in 2018 (thanks to those gracious enough to share their videos and pics on social media), was the guy hoping his rear would help attract new talent…

As well as the guy who just wanted to be part of Flight Centre’s crazy world…


Image: katnatmel/Instagram

There was the beautiful Princess who didn’t need no man to help her through the slippery occassion…


Image: katnatmel/Instagram

There was the naughty elf who accidentally knocked down a fully dressed colleague…


Image: katnatmel/Instagram

Hope she and her mobile phone are okay.

And there was the guy with the mad hype session…

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It’s ON! #annualslipnslideday #slipnslide

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Seen any other great pictures or videos from the Flight Centre slip ‘n’ slide?