Trafalgar says it will continue with its beach clean-up efforts by taking it globally and inviting its Agent partners to join them on a mission to ensure “travel today will sustain tomorrow”.

Following the success of the Australian beach clean-up at the Hermitage Bay Foreshore in Vaucluse earlier in the month, where the Trafalgar team covered two kilometres of the shore as part of its annual conference, CEO Gavin Tollman pledged to make this a global initiative.

“The positive impact on the team and sense of community we felt together was astounding.”

Gavin Tollman, Trafalgar Chief Executive


“Clearing one of Australia’s greatest treasures, its beaches, was something small we could do to give back to this incredibly beautiful country and this is just the beginning,” Tollman said.

“It is here at Hermitage Bay, we knew, we had much more work to do.”

Last week Trafalgar partnered with Flight Centre and Sustainable Coastlines in New Zealand to clean up Evans Bay in Wellington, which was riddled with small plastics.

Together, the team including Trafalgar CEO – Gavin Tollman, TTC Australia CEO – John Veitch, Trafalgar MD – Matthew Cameron Smith with Josh Duncan and Jason Wolff of Flight Centre collected eight bags of rubbish from its pristine coastline.


John Veitch, TTC Chief Executive

“It was remarkable to see the amount of rubbish when you come up close, to what seemingly appears to be a unspoiled beach from afar and comprehend the enormity of the issue when looking at it from a global scale.”

Matthew Cameron Smith, Trafalgar Managing Director

“We look forward to working with all our Agent partners on more JoinTrafalgar initiatives just like this.”


Have you taken part in a beach clean up?