Erm, teenagers having sex isn’t something anyone wants to think about EVER, but it’s one way to explain how certain players in the industry are ‘doing’ sustainable tourism.

The surprisingly relevant comparison was made by Chimu Adventures’ Greg Carter during the Revolution Roadshow in Sydney this week, to emphasise the poor execution of sustainable tourism industry-wide.

The Co-Founder explained that while it’s critical for every individual to learn, research and partake in leaving a positive impact around the world, currently not all professionals are doing it correctly.


Chimu Founders, Greg Carter and Chad Carey

“Sustainable tourism is like teenage sex – everyone claims they’re doing it but most aren’t. And those that are, are doing it badly.”

Greg Carter, Chimu Adventures Co-Founder

To be clear, Greg Carter was in no way encouraging teenagers to have sex.

Greg continued, saying that it’s difficult for consultants to determine who is doing the right thing in sustainable tourism at the moment because “everyone is greenwashing”.

Galapagos Chimu Adventures giant tortoise

Until a ‘green star rating’ is introduced in the industry, Greg suggested consultants make an effort to find and work with genuine, sincere and profound operators and suppliers.

He suggested consultants raise sustainable questions with operators and suppliers such as the kinds of experiences they offer clients, what types of hotels they’re using and whether locals are paid the right wages.


“Always delve deeper and think about, not just who you’re paying but about the whole supply chain. Make sure things are done properly because there are plenty of guys out there that are doing the right thing, you just need to know where to look,” he said,

“Travel is one of the best vehicles we have to alleviate poverty.”

Greg Carter, Chimu Adventures Co-Founder

“We’re very blessed to grow up in Australia, and we have this incredible opportunity and vehicle for change.”


Do you know any operators or suppliers who are excelling at sustainable tourism?