In the travel industry we are only as good as the service we provide and when you run your own travel agency you have the flexibility and focus to give clients a more personalised service.

It can be scary stepping away from the security of being an employee at a retail agency but with it comes benefits. Flexible working hours, more attentive service and not being limited to having to sell any one line of product – these are all pluses to branching out on your own.

Josh Faddoul from TravelManagers has done just that and he has precisely zero regrets about the decision.


Being a TravelManagers personal travel manager – think personal trainer except a whiz with flights instead of weights – gives you the freedom to work for yourself but with the support of a big partner like TravelManagers, part of the House of Travel Group.

“Making sure I always do everything right by my clients and ensuring they are left with a memorable experience is a big factor,” he says. “I am always mindful that my clients will be pleasantly surprised if they try and compare me with a competitor.”

We sat down with Josh and asked him all about the huge upside of going solo with the help of TravelManagers:


Starting out on the right foot

“There will always be teething problems when you are starting your own business but if you are willing to commit and continually learn and make full use of the support network TravelManagers offers, then you can really compress a lot of time that would otherwise have been spent making mistakes – ultimately fast tracking your success. I’m really looking forward to the next five to 10 years for my business within this ever-changing industry. There have been highs and lows, but the highs have definitely outweighed the lows.”



Getting social media assistance

“Social media is the number one marketing tool I use to grow my business. We are relying less and less on traditional marketing, as everyone is on social media and they are always watching! TravelManagers are great at providing content for me to post, and they keep me up to date with best practice. If you do the right thing, providing outstanding service for the client, the reviews and testimonials online will follow.”


Finding the right mentor

“I have many mentors, both personally and professionally. I always try to find someone I connect with and someone who is getting the results I desire, and then model their behaviour. I’m not going to gel with everyone, so if I find someone that is willing to help me grow, challenge me and fast track my success then it’s a no brainer for me.

“I have many mentors within TravelManagers, both in the National Partnership Office, plus amongst my TravelManagers colleagues and I know that at any time I can seek their guidance. Personal growth outside of business growth is huge as well. My business can only grow to the extent that I am willing to grow myself, never more, so I make sure that all areas of life are as balanced as possible.”



Making the most of your travel time

“Being a personal travel manager has allowed me to travel more, both by having additional income through the business model and through having more time to actually travel. TravelManagers has an extensive famil and educational program there are some amazing travel experiences on offer. Plus, it’s a great way to travel with my TravelManagers colleagues and get to know them more.

“My top three destinations are, Reykjavik, Iceland – its beautiful landscape and untouched culture was very appealing. Beirut, Lebanon – nothing like I imagined, really good nightlife, welcoming people and great food. Prague, Czech Republic, it’s what you think Europe would be if you had to imagine it. Narrow lane ways with little restaurants tucked away, great food and beer and cheap!”


Why not become a TravelManagers personal travel manager?

Josh says that the best thing about running his own business is having the flexibility to run things his way.

“If I want to work 12 hours a day, I can,” says Josh. “If I want to work three hours a day, I can. If my life is busy, I can adjust my workload to compensate. If I want to work from Jamacia I can. If I want to spend more time with family and friends, I can. If I want to make more income, I can.”

“The opportunities are endless and I really can design my work around my life, not the other way around. The support network and community within TravelManagers is like no other, there is always someone willing to help and although you work by yourself the majority of the time, you never, ever feel alone.“

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Are you interested in a job that offers this much flexibility?

Written by Paul Chai, KarryOn contributor

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