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The 8 Australian Signature Experiences You Need To Know

Is your soul yearning for authentic, cultural, and unique Australian adventure? Let us introduce you to 'Signature Experiences of Australia'; the home of incredible experiences for people who travel to follow their passions.

Is your soul yearning for authentic, cultural, and unique Australian adventure? Let us introduce you to ‘Signature Experiences of Australia’; the home of incredible experiences for people who travel to follow their passions.

Research on travel habits tells us that the discerning traveller is seeking out memorable and engaging experiences that tap into their passions and help them connect with a destination on a deeper emotional and personal level.

And, lucky for you, our beautiful country of Australia ticks all the boxes.

In response to this, Tourism Australia has developed ‘Signature Experiences of Australia’ – a program that supports industry collaboration within a variety of special interest sectors.

From the idyllic islands of the Great Barrier Reef to the stunning wine-growing regions of Western Australia and the pristine habitats of the Tasmanian Wilderness, these premium experiences represent an exciting and diverse cross-section of activities, adventures, and interests that take in the length and breadth of Australia and its spectacular landscapes.

Now let’s take a look at the authentic and immersive experiences that’ll have you making memories that last a lifetime.

1. Australian Wildlife Journeys

Goin' Off Safaris, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
Australian Coastal Safaris, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

If you adore the beautiful animals of Australia, you’ll love Australian Wildlife Journeys.

This collection is a group of Australia’s top wildlife travel operators that have come together to showcase their commitment to conservation, passion for nature, and interpretation of wildlife in natural habitats.

The people behind these wildlife experiences see themselves as guardians, as well as expert guides, and want to share their stories and commitment to the land, with you.

2. Cultural Attractions of Australia

National Museum of Australia, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Australia’s cultural attractions tell the story of how our varied geographic, ethnic, and cultural origins have been embraced and have reshaped the way we define the nation. They also explore the Australian relationship and reaction to international art and culture, seeing the world through Australian eyes.

Cultural Attractions of Australia presents the best of Australia’s cultural offering, creating a single repository of premium, behind-the-scenes experiences, ideal for anybody who wants to delve deeper into the country’s history and narrative.

3. Discover Aboriginal Experiences

Lords Kakadu and Arnhemland Safaris, Northern Territory
Lords Kakadu and Arnhemland Safaris, Northern Territory

Discover Aboriginal Experiences showcases the world’s oldest living culture through the cornerstones of insight, authentic experiences, meaningful connections, fun, and adventure. As the owners of the stories they share, the warm and welcoming Aboriginal guides have a unique way of bringing Australia’s landscapes to life.

Discover Aboriginal Experiences offers an exciting array of activities; from exploring labyrinths of ancient and contemporary rock art, to sampling bush foods, quad biking, kayaking, mud crabbing, hiking, and more.

There really is nowhere else on earth to experience the ancient and rich culture of the land we call home.

4. Great Fishing Adventures of Australia

RiverFly 1864, Western Lakes, Tasmania
RiverFly 1864, Western Lakes, Tasmania

Is fishing more your thing? Signature Experiences of Australia has you covered! Whether you are hoping to catch the elusive one-metre barramundi in Australia’s northern waters or chase giant black marlin off the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is an angler’s paradise.

With a whopping 60,000 km of coastline, nearly 4,000 marine species, and a multitude of lakes, rivers, and billabongs, it’s no wonder Australia has some of the best fishing in the world.

Great Fishing Adventures of Australia spotlights these world-class experiences and offers an array of trips from saltwater and freshwater fishing to deep sea and fly fishing adventures.

5. Great Golf Courses of Australia

Hamilton Island Golf Club, Whitsundays, Queensland

Have you been practicing your golf swing in the lounge again? It’s time to get yourself on an Australian golf course experience, ASAP.

Celebrated for their world-class design, spectacular settings, and proximity to major cities and regional highlights, Great Golf Courses of Australia provides access to some of Australia’s leading golf courses including the country’s World Top 100 course listings: Barnbougle Dunes and Barnbougle Lost Farm, Cape Wickham Links, Kingston Heath, New South Wales, The National and Royal Melbourne (East and West).

Choose to go hard with another round or unwind at the beach, winery, or whatever else takes your fancy after a beautiful day on the fairway. Whatever your par, you’ll be sure to find the course of your dreams, right here, in Australia.

6. Great Walks of Australia

Margaret River Cape to Cape Walk, Margaret River, Western Australia

Australia offers truly unique landscapes to discover and what better way to explore these spectacular areas than on your own two feet.

Great Walks of Australia represents a premium collection of independently owned guided multiday walking experiences, led by expert guides with a deep understanding of the environment. Explore each destination in depth and immerse yourself in the stories of each picturesque location.

Together the walks cover some of Australia’s most iconic landscapes, including the untamed Tasmanian wilderness, the ruggedly beautiful Victorian coastline, the ancient volcanic plateaus in Queensland, and the magnificent outback of South Australia and the Northern Territory.

7. Luxury Lodges of Australia

Longitude 131°, Ayers Rock / Uluru, Northern Territory

Luxury Lodges of Australia is a collection of independent luxury lodges and camps located across the continent, offering unforgettable experiences in uniquely Australian, inspiring locations.

From uber-luxe wilderness lodges and gourmet vineyard retreats to exclusive island pavilions and luxury outback camps; these lodges showcase Australia’s inimitable style of laid-back, barefoot luxury while maintaining impeccable standards of service and offering genuinely Australian experiences in exclusive locations.

Experience the true luxury of the privilege of place, connection with people, and transformative adventure, that’ll leave you with a beautiful new way of seeing the world.

8. Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia

Audrey Wilkinson, Hunter Valley, New South Wales

Wine aficionados, rejoice! Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia is a collection of award-winning Australian wineries offering experiences ‘beyond the cellar door’.

Each winery in the collection has been selected for its food and wine matching, wine education, and gastronomy in spectacular wine regions across Australia, from Western Australia’s Margaret River to New South Wales’ Hunter Valley and everywhere in between.

Mouth-watering experiences range from blending wines and sampling vintages from your own birth year straight from the barrel, to behind the scenes tours to historic family homesteads and degustation dinners.

If you’re after something really special, private plane tours enable a bird’s-eye view of the wine regions, while overnight stays among the vines will allow you to relax, unwind and truly embrace the sampling process.

Become an Aussie Specialist

Sand Dune Adventures, Port Stephens, New South Wales

To learn more about the Signature Experiences of Australia and incredible destinations and experiences on offer, sign up for the Aussie Specialist Program and access fantastic tools which give you the confidence to sell Australia and give your clients all the more reason to book with you:

  • Australian Signature Experiences (ASP) Training Modules
  • Product Videos
  • Itinerary suggestions
  • Fact Sheets with handy overviews of each Collective
  • Signature Experience Webinars

Download the Signature Experiences of Australia e-brochure here.

The brochure includes a map showing the location of all the operators in the program, which is a great tool to help you put together the perfect itinerary.

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Hero image: Barnbougle Lost Farm Golf Course, Tasmania

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