A new TV show will grace the airwaves in July this year, giving the Aussie viewing public an entertaining insight into the drama of working and living as a Travel Agent in Australia.

Rumours of the show and its actual development completely snuck under the KarryOn radar, but we’ve now managed to score some inside knowledge on some of the characters that will appear in the debut season of The Desperate Travel Agents of Brisvegas.

Set in the head office of a well-known Australian travel company, the show will blur the lines between reality TV and a comedy-drama.

Here are five characters that we can definitely confirm will star in the debut series of The Desperate Travel Agents of Brisvegas – not to be confused with the upcoming The Novice and I’m a Travel Agent get me out of here TV series.

Recognise any of these agents?


Angela Schwarz – the health nut


Those who know Angela say she’s not the easiest person to live or work with, mainly because she’s just so annoyingly healthy and overly nice. Angela projects the image of an agent that has all her $hit together. She’s got repeat clients up the ying-yang, an impeccable sales record and really knows her stuff.

Yet despite all this, Angela is prone to momentous breakdowns and dramatic outbursts.

This is one agent you’ll want to keep an eye on throughout the series…


Gary Love – the ladies man


More interested in scoring with the ladies than scoring on the commission board (yep, Love is actually his last name), Gary is expected to inject a dose of drama into the show with his flirtatious ways and off-the-cuff suggestive comments.

In his early 30s and 10th year working as an agent, Gary has reached the stage of his career where he can effectively live off his repeats, which gives him more time to enjoy the social side of this job.

Rumour has it that Gary was approached to join The Desperate Travel Agents of Brisvegas by one of the lady producers of the show.


Sandy Regallo – the temper


If Sandy was asked to account for her anger outbursts and temper tantrums, she’d probably just shrug her shoulders and blame it on her Italian heritage – “I’m passionate,” she’d say.

But anyone that’s ever met or worked with her knows that she suffers from serious anger management issues, and no doubt this character flaw has landed her a spot on the show.

Sandy will add to the drama of the show and is expected to create some on-air tension with the other characters – especially Gary.


Sarah – the model


A former model, Sarah turns heads, invokes jealously and converts male clients like you’ve never seen – she’s hugely tremendous, in the words of Trump.

Yet it would be a mistake to treat Sarah as mere eye candy on the show. Sarah really knows her stuff and she can talk GDS commands until the cows come home.

Those close to Sarah say the real reason she become a Travel Agent was to hook up with The Captain – a crush that’s over seven years old.


Melissa Moody – the know-it-all


Even as a Novice, Melissa exhibited the tell-tale signs of a future travel industry know-it-all, and her evolution as an agent has taken her to the heights of technical expertise.

Yet despite knowing everything there is to know about both Gal and Amadeus, how to construct complicated RTW tickets and the intricacies of fares rules, she still hasn’t learnt how to work with other people in an office environment. Melissa will add a little awkwardness to the show’s character line-up.

When applying to take part in the show, Melissa impressed the producers by citing – word for word – the fare rules for the Qantas flight they took form Melbourne earlier that morning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a KarryOn Comedy article and is obviously satire. It should in no way be taken seriously, unless you want to that is.

Will you be tuning in to The Desperate Travel Agents of Brisvegas?