A new TV show called The Itinerary will begin filming next week which will pit pairs of travel agents in Sydney’s CBD against each other in a bid to create and sell workable itineraries for the highest profit.

The show, based extremely loosely on the hit TV show The Block and sponsored by Bunnings Warehouse, is expected to hit the airwaves on Channel 10 in late January 2018.


But unlike The Block, contestants on The Itinerary won’t be renovating flats and getting their hands dirty. Instead, they’ll be taking holiday requests from tough new clients every week, turning them into workable itineraries, and then selling them.

At the end of each week on the Sunday show, the team that’s earned the most commission wins the TTV (Total Transaction Value) of the booking, plus two x $300 Bunning’s Warehouse gift vouchers.

The Itinerary will air three times a week for eight weeks, and each show will last 60 minutes.

Speaking to KarryOn exclusively on Skype from his beach bungalow in Samoa, the show’s producer Sumtin Fishy said he was extremely excited about giving the Aussie viewing public a unique insight into the lives of hard-working Australian travel agents.


The former travel agent also thinks the competitive element of the show is going to reel in hundreds of thousands of viewers each week.

“Aussies love the block, they love a good competition, and everyone loves a holiday. The Itinerary marries these three elements together and adds in good measures of all the emotional highs and lows that comes with being a travel agent.”

Sumtin Fishy, former travel agent and Producer of The Itinerary

Although it’s too late to apply for the inaugural season of The Itinerary, Fishy is confident the show will do “extremely well” and urges travel agents all over Australia to sign up to the show’s newsletter at www.theitinerary.com.au/makemeastar where they’ll be notified as soon as the casting agents of the show begin scouting contestants for subsequent series.


When asked who will be hosting The Itinerary, Fishy was reticent, telling KarryOn we’d just have to wait until next year.

“It will be a total surprise, believe me. But what I will say is that it definitely won’t be old mate Jamie Durian or that douche Scott Cam. We’re going uptown funk on this one.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a KarryOn Comedy article and is obviously satire. It should in no way be taken seriously unless you want to that is.

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