TravelManagers is urging more travel businesses to put the mental health of their staff first, by ensuring assistance & support is readily available in times of need.

The encouragement was made during Joe Araullo’s opening remarks at the TravelManagers Conference, with the House of Travel (TravelManagers’ parent company) Chief Executive saying employee wellbeing will impact the entire business.

He offered to put attending suppliers in touch with companies that provide mental health services before quoting Richard Branson by saying that “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after you customers. It’s that simple”.

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Image: Cristian Newman/Unsplash

“I can’t stress enough how important the wellbeing of your people is to your business.”

Joe Araullo, House of Travel Chief Executive

The CEO’s statement comes a year after the home-based group launched its own Network Assistance Program with PeopleSense Australia, a 24/7 mental health support system.

Araullo said the program, which connects Personal Travel Managers (PTMs) with professional psychologists, has run successfully over the last 12 months and received positive feedback from users.


Image: Sydney Sims/Unsplash

“People that have actually used the service have told us that they’ve valued it,” he added.

In order to continue providing mental health assistance, Araullo told PTMs that the Network Assistance Program would be extended for another 12 months. The news was welcomed by the auditorium of cheering consultants.

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