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Things dogs think about when they’re thinking about pets on planes

With the Civil Aviation Safety Authority now making it legal for passengers to bring their pets with them while travelling under a new "carriage of animals" policy, we reached out to Ally Wendorf who writes for our new travel for pets site, to share her thoughts on what the experience would be like.

Ally Wendorf is naturally all for the new “carriage of animals” policy and can’t wait to go exploring.

However, she has shared a few thoughts on the matter, that we’d like to bring to your attention.

Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to know what dogs are thinking about regarding this particular subject?

This doggo recommends a trip to Mexico
  • I always assumed REX was dog friendly, I mean, they’re called “Rex.”
  • I think cats should only be allowed in overheard compartments, who is with me on this?
  • I don’t want any mother#$#$#$# snakes on any mother#$#$#$# planes!
  • That’s great, but can someone please explain to me why Qantas flight attendants give the
    exit row spiel to both sides at the same time, whilst Virgin flight attendants give the exit row
    spiel one side at a time. Does Qantas care about us half as much as Virgin, or do Virgin think
    we’re a bunch of morons? It’s off topic, but it really gets my goat.
  • Please have “Dog” on the inflight entertainment, please, please, please.
  • Just checking, is this meal lactose free and grain free. If I get any lactose, everyone in the
    cheap seats is going to know very quickly.
  • Like people, are dogs required to wear high vis vests in the Virgin lounge in Perth?
Ally Wendorf Karrybone Travel Writer
Virgin’s New Pet Lounge Artist’s Conception
  • I swear, If the guy in front of me reclines his seat, I’m going to bite him.
  • Planes have toilets? I wish someone told me that about 5 minutes ago…
  • Excuse me madam, but are you going to finish that meat-looking thing?
  • Oh great, I’m sitting between an infant and a schnauzer. FML!
  • The fasten the seat belt sign is still on! Come on people, sit! Sit! Sit!
  • It took me 3 years to get lifetime Gold on Qantas, which sounds impressive, but when you look at it as 21 dog years, it kind of loses a bit of gloss.
  • Virgin Platinum is great because you’re able to sit in Economy X and they don’t charge you like Qantas do for their Platinums. However, nothing beats the Qantas First lounge…top-shelf sprits and free schmackos… good times.

Ally Wendorf holds the following Frequent Flyer memberships:

  • Qantas – Best In Class FF Status
  • Virgin – Blue Ribbon FF Status
  • Rex – Alpha FF Status

Are you for or against pets in flight cabins? Let us know, email