This family made a sea change as travel agents & it wasn't even that hard

What is it like for a family to ditch the city for the sea and start a new life together in a different state? What about the transition from working for a traditional travel agency to working for yourself – is it really that hard?

What is it like for a family to ditch the city for the sea and start a new life together in a different state? What about the transition from working for a traditional travel agency to working for yourself – is it really that hard?

Well, we recently sat down with a couple of sea changers from TravelManagers Australia (TMA) to find the answers to these questions and more. Basically, we wanted to know how they started living the kind of life they used to only dream about.

Meet Trevor and Meaghan.


Trevor and Meaghan joined the TMA family at the same time as moving from Victoria to Queensland to follow their dream of a sea change. They originally met whilst working for a large retail travel agency down in VIC and when the option of working in partnership with TravelManagers came along, they jumped at the chance of finally being able to fulfil their sea change dreams!

Together, Trevor and Meaghan have two kids under five, and their new life as personal travel managers means they can spend more time together as a family whilst still meeting (and often exceeding) their financial goals and taking care of their clients from all over the country (Trevor continues to look after his customers from back in Victoria).

They also have more time to spend on their hobbies (Trevor is a keen golfer) since making the transition into working for themselves – which is always awesome.

Here’s what this lovely couple had to say about making a sea change as a family and achieving the kind of life others only dream about.

What drives your passion both for travel and family?

We have wonderful clients who we have formed real bonds with, and it’s exciting to work on their trips while learning new things all the time. Plus, we are looking forward to the kids being older (they are currently two and four years) so that we can go on some amazing family holidays together.

What do you both love about TravelManagers and the support they give you?

That all the support you need is available. From Marketing to Finance, Fares & Ticketing to Training – we have the freedom to be able to draw on this support when its needed.

What made you both move from Victoria to the Gold Coast?

The weather! And wanting a year round outdoor lifestyle that we didn’t feel we could achieve in Victoria.


How did you juggle moving interstate while raising your two young children and running a successful business?

Not sure! But we somehow got through. The key is to not take on too much at one time – as frustrating as it can be at times as you just want to get it done! Keeping things simple is also important, otherwise we would be stressed out. We have been here for four years and just unpacked the last of the boxes this week.

What is it like as a couple working together each day in your own business?

It’s great to be able to bounce scenarios off each other, and ask each other for advice. But we operate independently of each other. So while we sit near each other, we don’t work with each other. During the times when one is busy and not the other, that person gets to do more around the house. When we are both really busy it can be hard, but we tag team with the kids if necessary. When we are both quiet we like to get out and about to the beach, or to a movie and we normally do that together.

How does being a PTM allow you to spend more time with your family?

We will never take for granted the flexibility of being a PTM! We can be anywhere at anytime which means you can be there for every school event, or if the children are sick – you just juggle your work accordingly. Most people working full time are out the door at 7.30am and are lucky to be home by 6.30pm. But we can cook dinner, do washing and other things all throughout the day whilst still working.


Growing your business – what are your secrets to being successful PTMs?

We decided early on to be really accessible to clients, particularly as many of them still live interstate. We are thorough, and spend time ensuring our clients get the best price possible. From this we get many referrals and this is really how our businesses have grown. Our clients are more looked after now than they ever were when we worked in a retail shop. You also get to plan your day more, instead of having to react to phones ringing and new customers coming in.

Lastly, your advice towards other entrepreneurial couples out there. Can they too have the ‘sea change’ while raising a young family & running a successful business?

Absolutely! If you told me five years ago this is where we would be and what we would be doing, I would not have believed you. It does take planning and time and patience, and having reliable daycare if your children are not school aged is a must. Definitely rent when you first move, so that you can decide what area is best suited to your needs. Rent a nice house so you will want to be working in it, not trying to get out of it!

If you’ve ever thought about a sea change or finding a great balance between work and life, this is definitely an opportunity you need to look into! Visit and start your new life today.

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