World Expeditions wants to play its part in ending the suffering of wildlife for the entertainment of tourists. To do this, they have joined the Coalition for Ethical Wildlife Tourism.

The move is the latest in the Adventure travel specialist’s goal to deliver ethical wildlife experiences across its product range.

This comes following on from the 2014 removal of elephant rides from its program and the 2015 release of its Animal Welfare Code of Conduct.


The Coalition backs venues considering becoming Elephant-Friendly (observation only) and those which already are.

It’s also working to drive standards and government policies and legislation that better protect the welfare of animals.

World Expeditions Responsible Travel Manager Donna Lawrence believes the travel industry has the potential to influence demand for wildlife entertainment by removing support of venues which treat their animals cruelly and supporting those venues that meet animal welfare standards.


Image: Mayur Gala on Unsplash

“Our animal welfare policy was developed in conjunction with World Animal Protection and our acceptance into the Coalition for Ethical Wildlife Tourism is a result of our collaboration with them,” she said.

“More than 500,000 wild animals worldwide, including elephants, sloths, tigers and dolphins, are suffering for tourist entertainment, with unwitting tourists visiting facilities which keep these animals in captivity.”

World Expeditions Responsible Travel Manager Donna Lawrence


As well as World Animal Protection, World Expeditions collaborates with other organisations to develop responsible travel practices and policies.

Click here for more details on World Expeditions’ sustainable travel practices.

Join us in congratulating World Expeditions.