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The TIME network recently gathered aboard Princess Cruises’ Diamond Princess in Sydney Harbour for lunch, a ship inspection and presentations delivered by Princess Cruises’ Stuart Allison, and GlobeNet Travel’s Dan Russell.

These gatherings of TIME alumni, mentors, sponsors and guests hail from right across the industry. As a group, they comprise one of the industry’s most accomplished, lively networks with a mission that’s all about accelerating careers.

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TIME program founder, Penny Spencer, noted during her welcome address that TIME’s mission is the transfer of knowledge and experience – a theme picked up on by Dan Russell who described the role mentors have played in his journey from a career in the property industry to owner of GlobeNet Travel – one of the largest independent travel agencies in Australia today.

“I thought Dan’s speech was wonderful”, said Penny.

Stuart Allison – Princess Cruises; Penny Spencer – TIME Founder; Phil Hoffmann, and GlobeNet’s Dan Russell aboard Diamond Princess in Sydney.

Stuart Allison, Penny Spencer, Phil Hoffmann, and Dan Russell aboard Diamond Princess in Sydney.

“His career has meandered from property economics, through digital marketing to launching a brilliant travel business 17 years ago. From those experiences and as a TIME mentor himself, Dan spoke about how great mentors challenge their mentees to deliver. Ideas are one thing. Following through is another. Mentors give you that confidence to back your own thinking and make things happen”, she continued.

GlobeNet’s Dan Russell

GlobeNet’s Dan Russell

Since joining the Australian cruise industry, Princess Cruises’ Stuart Allison has influenced the growth of the local market from 100k guests cruising per year to over one million guests annually, through designing itineraries and creating demand for a number of ships deployed specifically for this region. This year, he will join the ranks as a ‘lifer’ marking 20 years of employment at Carnival Corporation.

Princess Cruises’ Stuart Allison

Princess Cruises’ Stuart Allison

“Being a Cruise man, Stuart spoke about ships. Although, perhaps not the ones you’d expect: Leadership, relationships and ownership are three essential learnings fundamental to his success”, says Penny.


Princess Cruises’ TIME guests were treated to a ship inspection and delicious lunch aboard Diamond Princess. Once the tables were cleaned and guests ushered ashore, Diamond Princess set off on a 22-night cruise bound for Yokohama.


Contact TIME’s Program Manager – Marie Allom at [email protected], or click here to visit the TIME website.

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