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Four more aspiring travel industry leaders of the future were welcomed into the TIME program at another generously hosted event at The Travel Corporation last week. Here’s what went down.

The Travel Industry Mentor Experience (TIME) network gathered in Sydney recently to welcome the latest cohort of participants into its renowned mentoring program.

Hosted by program sponsor, The Travel Corporation, the event saw four aspiring travel industry leaders of the future join the program, meet their mentors and take the first steps on their mentoring journey.

“To think this is the 35th intake is astonishing”, said Program Founder, Penny Spencer.

Since its foundation in 2009, more than 250 travel, tourism and hospitality industry professionals have graduated from the program and taken their careers to another level. Four more from the cruise sector, group touring and corporate travel joined the program at The Travel Corporation event.

Anthony Lalli, Amanda Frack and Belinda Morris at the TIME event.

“The before-and-after transformations are remarkable. The self-confidence and belief in their abilities make many graduates almost unrecognisable from the people that entered the program just six months earlier. We can’t wait to see these four emerge,” added Penny.

Guest speaker for the night was Megan Flynn. Megan’s career has included corporate law as well as almost six years as an executive at the Qantas Group designing and implementing the airline’s sustainability strategy.

Co-Founder of Tour Atlas, Alex Obleshchuk; Board Member, Trish Shepherd, and Magellan’s Andrew Macfarlane.

Megan also has more than five years’ experience as a non-executive director and is currently Chair of the Carbon Market Institute, Chair of the Earthwatch Institute, Non-Executive Director of Sustainability Victoria and advisory board member of Melbourne University’s Sustainable Society Institute.

Megan Flynn addressing the TIME network at The Travel Corporation’s HQ.

“We loved hearing from Megan,” said Penny.

“She spoke about her career and the mentors she’s had through the years. Her Q&A session was lively and interactive. It’s such a privilege to bring brilliant people together in forums like this. That’s the magic of TIME”, she added.

General Manager of Sales & Product at Chimu Adventures, Sarah Baxter with Penny Spencer.

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