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Together In Travel: Thanks To You, It's Officially A Thing!

Here's something to smile about. It's not even been a month yet, and already, thanks to you, the 'Together In Travel' initiative we started on 23 March has blown up globally to be something quite magnificent.

Here’s something to smile about. It’s not even been a month yet, and already, thanks to you, the ‘Together In Travel’ initiative we started on 23 March has blown up globally to be something quite magnificent.

While good news, in general, may have been hard to come by in the last few weeks with the constant daily bad news about as welcome as bedtime when you’re 8 years old, nothing has stopped the travel industry from collectively rising above the mayhem to remain resilient in the face of such hideous adversity.

Should we be surprised? Not really.

This is the tough travel industry and certainly isn’t the first crisis we’ve had to face nor will be the last. But there’s no denying that this one is by far the biggest in our lifetimes to date that has pushed us all to the limit.

Should we be proud? Absolutely we should.

The positivity, support and united front we’ve seen and received here at Karryon over the last weeks within our beloved (and battered and bruised) travel industry have been nothing short of remarkable.

Seriously, it’s been incredible, and I think it has been the shot in the arm we’ve all needed at different times to keep going amongst such sadness.

All of you out there have been (and still are) dealing with so much anxiety, stress and anger unnecessarily directed towards yourselves on top of sadly, so many being stood down or losing their jobs.

And while we’re not done yet on this wild jungle trail, you should take a moment at least to feel incredibly proud of yourself and the industry you are a crucial part of. Because it is, like no other when it comes to collaboration as far as I’m concerned.

So many of you have used the #togetherintravel hashtag to share what you’ve been up to via Instagram, Youtube or Twitter, joined our ‘Together In Travel’ closed Facebook group (now at 5,000 members) and shared so much of the good, bad and the ugly or sent us direct messages and amazing things you’ve been doing.

Here’s a little selection of some of your recent awesomeness!

Shout out to ALL QLD BDM’S on a fantastic video!

PS… Hello all other state BDM’s? The challenge has been laid bare. SO? We can’t wait to see your videos.

We feel you Tess! We’re all dreaming of travelling again right now

Benjamin for PM!

How’s this for amazing positivity and attitude? From Benjamin Newbold, a (currently grounded) Virgin Atlantic flight…

Posted by KARRYON on Sunday, April 12, 2020

Shout out to Helloworld Balgownie Store, Wollongong! 

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Tired of repeatedly getting asked if they are still in business, Helloworld Store Owner Aimee Wesley from Wollongong decided to go big in her local community with a message to all. And now she’s urging fellow agents to join the cause.

Aimee says: “We have started the ‘We Are Not Going Anywhere!’ Movement and I urge you all to get on board. We are trying to make this go viral because I’m so sick of all the negativity in the media of the doom and gloom for the industry. If you have a shopfront and are still operating, put a sign in your window and lets all band together!”

Some good perspective from agent Richard in Anaheim, CA

MTA Travel has started roaming from home…

Destination NSW is loving it… And we’re about to be loving exploring NSW even more

The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) is even using our #togetherintravel hashtag

So many amazing stories to make you smile…

Lufthansa, Air New Zealand and the people of New Zealand bring you a beautiful story of collaboration and selfless care. ✈️ #togetherintravel

Posted by KARRYON on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Including our new Together In Travel Podcast!

In the first episode of ‘Together In Travel’, I chat to Travel Agent Matt Castell from Curated Travel about how everything changed in an instant when the COVID-19 crisis began.

You’ll hear Matt’s story of his journey in the industry and what he’s learned most recently about the new landscape we all find ourselves in.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s got involved and please keep the good stuff coming. Thanks too for your kind feedback on what we’ve been doing throughout the last couple of months. It means a lot and is what drives us to keep pushing on.

Don’t forget to use the #togetherintravel hashtag to share what you’ve been up to, join our ‘Together In Travel’ closed Facebook group if you haven’t already and send us your direct messages, stories and opinions to

And remember, we will get through this… Together In Travel