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Together In Travel: Supporting Each Other Through Challenging Times

We've launched a #TogetherInTravel initiative – which has the simple objective of galvanising the travel industry through what is the most challenging period we've ever had to face.

We’ve launched a #TogetherInTravel initiative – which has the simple objective of galvanising the travel industry through what is the most challenging period we’ve ever had to face.

Off the back of the game-changing news over the weekend that saw mandated 14-day self-isolation for anyone arriving into Australia and New Zealand, the travel industry has now well and truly moved into uncharted waters.

This, of course, changes everything – from the where and how we work in travel to simply making a crust and going about our everyday lives here in Australia and New Zealand and the world.

So while right now, there are still more questions than answers; what we do collectively know is that our industry is hurting on an extraordinary level and that no-one has or will be spared.

Already, there are huge financial implications for so many, and it is still early days with none of us knowing where this will lead.

For those of you on the frontline who are having to deal with 24/7 customer cancellations, concerns and frustration – our respect goes out to you.

To the business owners anxiously calculating how they can stay afloat and retain staff or the unfortunate people who have already lost their jobs – our hearts go out to you.

And for everyone and anyone else in the industry, trying to sustain a living from travel in any shape or form – we’re thinking of you and are in exactly the same boat bailing out water as we go.

So while we may not be able to shake hands, give each other a hug, or attend events, fams and conferences at the moment, what we can do is support and connect with each other from wherever in the world we may be holed up.

I wrote about this last week (which already feels like a lifetime ago), but again, now more than ever is the time to come together as the fantastic people-driven industry we are and love being a part of to help each other in whatever way we can.

Introducing, #TogetherInTravel

What are we doing?

Facebook Group Together In Travel

From today, we’ll be ditching the C-word where possible in our editorial and instead focussing on the positive stories coming out of the industry in response to what’s going on.

We want to celebrate the good stuff and the simple, human acts of kindness and spirit that individuals and businesses in the travel industry are doing to make a difference.

We’ll be using the #TOGETHERINTRAVEL hashtag as a theme and rallying cry in all our communications across social media and tagging it into all our relevant stories.

Outside of the useful information and deals, you still need to know, #TOGETHERINTRAVEL will become the cornerstone of all of our editorial in the coming weeks and will feature videos, photos, memes and interviews and insights from you! – the people out there on the frontline.

Why are we doing it?

International Women's Day

We want to make a difference and play a decisive leadership role for you and our expanded community.

And we invite you to do the same.

We’ve cemented our #1 travel trade publication spot in Australia because of you, our community and we only ever want to use our platform for good. It’s who we are and the reason we exist.

We hope that through our #TOGETHERINTRAVEL initiative, we will be able to keep the industry’s spirits up as we navigate through this mess and ensure that when the bounce happens, you’ll be best placed to take advantage of it.

How can you get involved?

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Easy! Send us your insights, your stories, goodwill videos and anything you think the travel industry needs to know.

Write a story, share a video, send us a photo, tell us what you’re up to and how you are working through this challenging time.

Got tips and tricks to share, learnings and successes you’ve had? Lovely feedback from clients? We want to hear about it.

Join our closed Facebook Group!

Facebook Group Together In Travel

Use the #TOGETHERINTRAVEL hashtag in your own social media and share away to start a wave of goodwill.

These are the times when creativity is needed most, not to mention plenty of laughs so the more ideas, the merrier.

Listen to our Destination Self-Isolation Playlists

We’d love to hear from you, and we know the rest of the industry would too!

Email us at editor@karryon.com.au or DM us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

On behalf of all of us at Karryon (and the industry), we urge you to get involved and help play your part in making a difference for everyone.

Thanks for your support as always.


Email: matt@karryon.com.au