Travel brands under The Travel Corporation (TTC) umberella are taking a strong stance against single-use plastic by removing all single-use plastic bottles from their coaches.

At the start of the 2019 operating season, single-use plastic bottles will not be welcome on coaches operated by AAT Kings, Brendan Vacations, Contiki, CostSaver, Insight Vacations, Inspiring Journeys, Luxury Gold and Trafalgar.

These brands join other TTC brands, including Uniworld, Red Carnation Hotels and U River Cruises, which have already removed plastic from their operations.


In addition to coaches, TTC brands Trafalgar, Insight Vacations, Luxury Gold, CostSaver, AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys will move away from non-biodegradable name tags and eliminate single-use plastic luggage tags with reusable, durable luggage tags.

Contiki is also trialling an innovative, long-lasting silicon one-litre water bottle this year, with a 300-use charcoal filter that’ll provide travellers with clean, safe drinking water at all times.

PLUS, Red Carnation Hotels has successfully removed single-use plastic across 17 of its luxury hotels and has banned single-use plastic water bottles along with 20 other everyday plastic convenience items.


TTC Chief Executive and TreadRight Foundation Founder, Brett Tollman, said these steps are all part of an overall mission to “make travel matter”.

“We are working with our partners on the ground to make sure guests still have access to clean drinking water and will be identifying convenient points along the way they can safely and responsibly source drinking water.”

Brett Tollman, TTC Chief Executive & TreadRight Foundation Founder

“We will also be continuing our active efforts to find innovative ways to remove the few remaining single-use plastics throughout our organisation’s hotel properties, such as shampoo and body lotion plastic bottles.”

The TreadRight Foundation will also be helping travellers explore more sustainably and make their travel matter with a series of videos providing tips on eliminating plastics and conserving water when travelling, as well as the Do’s and Don’ts for travellers interacting with animals. The video series will be released in the week leading up to Earth Day on Sunday 22 April.


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