Fernando de Noronha, the Brazilian island home to the world’s best beach (according to TripAdvisor users), is cleaning up its shores by issuing a total ban on disposable plastics.

The single-use plastic ban officially came into place on the Brazilian volcanic archipelago this week, 120 days after the rule was passed by the local government.

Stores across Fernando de Noronha were told in December 2018 that they were prohibited from using or selling plastics, polystyrene and all products made of polyethylene, polypropylenes and the like. which includes plastic packaging, single-use plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic bottles and more.


Tourists have also been prohibited from bringing disposable plastics to or using them on the island and have instead been encouraged to consider eco-friendly alternatives such as reusable bags, paper packaging and biodegradable materials.

Adventure World Travel passed Brazil’s good news on to KARRYON, saying that it’s a forward-thinking decision that’ll protect the UNESCO World Heritage island’s marine biodiversity.

“Adventure World Travel being a sustainable and eco-friendly travel brand, commends the decision for the local government of Fernando de Noronha to ban all plastics and looks forward to continuing to take travellers to the island.”

Adventure World Travel


“Adventure World Travel and its suppliers are working with the local government, local businesses, tourism agencies and locals to aid with education and implementation of this new environmental initiative.”

Fernando de Noronha is located about 350 kilometers off Brazil’s northeast coast and is home to the beach Baia do Sancho, which beat Cuba’s Varadero for the title ‘number one beach in the world’.


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