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In season: upgrade your winter sales with Tourism New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand won't leave you out in the cold this winter as they offer 5 epic ways to level up your business! Thanks to their comprehensive travel trade tools and resources, you can become an expert on all things Aotearoa New Zealand, including the upcoming ski season. We tell you how.

Tourism New Zealand won’t leave you out in the cold this winter as they offer 5 epic ways to level up your business! Thanks to their comprehensive travel trade tools and resources, you can become an expert on all things Aotearoa New Zealand, including the upcoming ski season. We tell you how.

Every day’s a bluebird day with Tourism New Zealand

A bluebird day is one when the conditions are perfect on the slopes. The sun is shining, powder’s fresh, and there is barely a cloud in the sky! On the dedicated 100% Pure New Zealand Travel Trade website every day is a bluebird day!

This is your one-stop shop for all things New Zealand. Discover videos to promote to your clients, itineraries to save you time, helpful fact sheets, and more. Plus, you’ll get all industry-related and event news to wow your clients. 

Go off piste

Mt Hutt – Canterbury. Credit: Miles Holden
Winter in New Zealand is far from the norm, especially up Canterbury’s Mt Hutt. (C) Miles Holden

Once you’ve upgraded your New Zealand intel, what can you do with it? Well, besides using the travel trade website to sound like you read New Zealand travel guides for bedtime reading, you can also use it as inspo for your business newsletters, events, and marketing.  

Tourism New Zealand know how to make life easy, that’s for sure. The 100% Pure New Zealand Marketing Hub is filled with a raft of customisable resources to inform, attract, and convert your clients! It’s like going off piste on a thrilling adventure (minus the risks) – only for your business!

Once you’re signed up, you can access free, professionally designed marketing materials. Whether you want to customise an email, social media post, web banner, sales flyer, or an epic New Zealand itinerary, the top-quality materials impress.  

Let it snow

Enjoy a warm beverage on the slopes at Cardrona, Central Otago

It’s not only with epic fresh powder that New Zealand delivers. When you join the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme it’s like you’re stepping into a personalised snow globe.

Think back to the first time you shook a snow globe? You felt wonder, yeah? The 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme is like that. Only instead of a quick moment of joy, you’ll get a lifetime of skills that increase your Aotearoa New Zealand knowledge even further.

Complete the 15 interactive training modules to boost your business and discover more ways to promote and sell New Zealand holidays. Earn your first certificate after completing the first 10 modules and gain access to the Bronze 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist logo for your marketing materials. Keep going through the training to achieve Silver, and then Gold to unlock even more benefits, including discounts on travel in New Zealand!

It’s snow business

Coronet Peak – Queenstown. Credit: Miles Holden
Discover everything that’s epic at Coronet Peak, Queenstown with Tourism New Zealand. (C) Miles Holden

Do you remember the excitement you felt when you looked out the chalet window on your ski vacay and saw the weather gods had been kind with the overnight snowfall? Is learning that Tourism New Zealand have an informative travel trade newsletter similar to that? Okay, maybe not quite that exciting, but close!

Plus, it’s an epic resource to get your mitts on travel trade secrets, training events (where prizes are often up for grabs), and curated experiences to inspire your clients.  

And, unlike the anticipation of fresh pow-pow, with the Tourism New Zealand Travel Trade newsletter you can sign up right now

Après ski friends

Breathe in that crisp winter air in Arrowtown, Queenstown

Everyone knows that the fun of a ski holiday is not only the time on the slopes, but the time shared every evening, all ruddy-faced and adrenalin-buzzed, with your après ski crew.

Consider the Tourism New Zealand Australian Facebook group like that, a place where you can connect with the Tourism New Zealand team and industry peers in your region, hang out, ask questions, and enjoy the warm and fuzzy good vibes.

It makes meet-ups at any Tourism New Zealand event even more fun, too!  

All things winter

A true bluebird day at Coronet Peak, Queenstown

If you’re getting queries about the upcoming ski season (well, duh), you’ll be pleased to know there’s dedicated winter content on every single one of Tourism New Zealand’s channels, like this one!  

Discover winter in New Zealand and get ready RIGHT NOW for New Zealand’s incredible 2023 Winter season. Learn things like what are the 10 best things to do beyond the slopes and explore the detailed factsheets about each iconic ski field.  

Come in from the cold

Need a break from the slopes? Warm up with a cosy meal in Arrowtown, Queenstown

If you were hitting up the beginner’s slopes and slid ungracefully to the bottom of this page, here is a quick recap of those five epic Tourism New Zealand travel trade resources: 

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