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Travel advisors DO care about sustainability: Hawai‘i Tourism announces famil winners

Hawai'i Tourism Oceania and Hawaiian Airlines have announced the winners for their trade famil trip to the Hawaiian Islands in September this year and we're loving the winning Travel Advisor's entries based on their sustainable commitments.

Hawai’i Tourism Oceania and Hawaiian Airlines have announced the winners for their trade famil trip to the Hawaiian Islands in September this year and we’re loving the winning Travel Advisor’s entries based on their sustainable commitments.

To enter to win a place on the incredible famil to Hawai’i, Travel advisors had to write in 50 words or less how they mālama (take care of and protect) their environment, local community or the ocean.

Advisors also had to book a ticket with Hawaiian Airlines to O’ahu and at least one other Hawaiian Island.

Judging by the winning entries, Travel advisors’ appetite’s for sustainable living and tourism are growing with topics including eliminating single-use plastic to beach-clean ups and recycling, all aiming to reduce their carbon footprints and protect their local environments.

The winning entries are so good; that we wanted to feature them all.

Congratulations to all the winners on being such brilliant advocates for positive change.

Drum roll… Introducing the Australian winners!

Deborah Clarke – MTA Travel
“As an individual, I strive to positively contribute to the planet by eliminating plastics, re-purposing items and reading recycling labels. I now also encourage my clients to choose hotels worldwide with eco-friendly initiatives, enriching experiences with deeper connections.”

Elena Amerikow – italktravel & cruise The Junction”
I Malama (care for and protect) the environment and ocean by not using anything plastic where I can.
I also volunteer at our local Merewether Beach for clean-ups as my daughter is part of their Surf Life Saving Group training, so it’s nice to have her learn to protect the environment from a young age.”

Rachael Heelan – Ross and Turner Travel Associates”
Our office has committed to not using takeaway coffee cups, straws or cutlery. Our office is near the water, and we are fully participating in doing our part to keep the ocean clear and safe for all animals.”

Cristiana Zovi – Ignite Travel
“I am a stickler for recycling at home and get annoyed when my family don’t follow suit! I recycle our bottles, cardboard, boxes, and anything that can be; I bring my used coffee pods to work as we recycle them; my food scraps go into compost for the garden; I use glass jars and refill instead of buying throw away products; I don’t waste water and use minimal electricity; I walk where possible for less pollution.”

Maha Noore – Out and About Travel
“I am a scuba diver who frequently cleans the ocean of human debris while diving in gorgeous pristine waters. I ensure the environment I leave is undisturbed and cleaner than when I arrive.”

And ta-da… Introducing the New Zealand winners!

Cathy Crawford – Bucket List Travel
“I’m always conscious of finding ways of reducing my family’s carbon footprint. From composting food scraps, reducing waste, and using reusable bags, drink bottles and lunch wrappers. We also ensure our showers are kept to a minimum and try to reuse water where we can to water the garden.”

Aroha Walker-Nelson – Flight Centre
“I always tried to be environmentally friendly growing up; I recycle everything where I can, use plant-based rubbish bags, have a compost bin for all my food scraps, and encourage recycling in the office. I also use my own cup when I grab my morning Chai Lattes. If I ever see friends or family littering or leaving their glass bottles in gutters or on the side of the road, I always make them pick them up and put them in the bin. I encourage it everywhere I can.”

Alicia Sutton – House of Travel
“I live by the mantra; “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time” Looking out for the environment and appreciating its beauty and protecting it for future generations to enjoy.”

The incentive was revealed throughout the virtual ‘Month of Lei’’ trade event in May 2022 with the winners heading off to Hawai’i in September this year.

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