Guess what’s back. Back again. Random questions. Tag a friend. Seriously, tag a friend & tell us all the random, eyebrow-raising questions ya’ll have been asked as Travel Advisors.

There’s absolutely no doubt that working in the travel industry is THE BEST. I mean, what other sector lets you research exotic destinations and bring people’s dreams to life? Not many.

But working in the travel industry, especially as a Travel Advisor, does have it’s moments where you can’t help but look around for Ashton Kutcher to pop out of the break room and tell you that you’ve been Punk’d.


You know those moments, they’re the ones when clients ask if they can use the ‘tunnel’ to drive their campervan from Australia to New Zealand, book a train from Sydney to Auckland or whether you know the names of Chinese brothels on the Gold Coast.


They’re the most random questions and although we’ve read some hilarious ones in the past (click here to read part one and click here for part two of random questions), this new lot would have to be some of our personal favourites:


The one that doesn’t quite get Bali’s geography…



The one that doesn’t understand the term ‘isolated island’



The one that needed help packing underwear



And the one that didn’t realise mosquitos can be found everywhere



There’s the one who’s at-home research was slightly off

karryon-random-questions-melbourne-lax copy


The one who thinks tour operators should catch up with Mother Nature



And finally, the one who’s clearly never walked into an agency before



What’s the most random question you’ve been asked?