As much as Travel Agents love their clients and appreciate their ongoing business, there are times when they can’t help but look at them and wonder, ‘what the hell did you take today’?

These times can occur when they ask ridiculous questions, make hilarious statements, submit unfounded complaints and when they make long distance phone calls asking you to help fix their rental car.

Yes, to help fix their rental car.


Now we know Travel Agents are multi-talented beings but are they also mechanics?

Everyone’s favourite comedian consultant Sebastian says, no!

In his latest viral video (click here to check out his full collection), the WA-based fictional front for a real Travel Agent is seen chatting to one of his clients who’s struggling to turn on his car rental in Scandinavia.


Although one might brush off the client and tell her to ring a local mechanic, Sebastian patiently talks through the situation with his frantic jetsetter – who BTW doesn’t know the difference between “someone sitting on the toilet” and the “minus 4-degrees Celsius’ symbol.

Watch on for the full conversation.


What’s the most random phone call you’ve received from a client?