Being a Travel Agent is getting harder & harder, sometimes it’s nice to know what others are doing to get ahead. That’s where Brisbane-based consultant, Mel Bobbermien steps in.

Once upon a time, there was a customer who walked in & booked everything you recommended plus paid in full on the spot happily, with no problems at all. Deep breath. Queue the laughter.

As a customer, whether it’s buying a TV or holiday, everyone has a preconceived idea of what they want. It is usually completely unrealistic but close enough is usually good enough – 99% of the time. So, what can you do to overcome the 1% that are throwing every objection at you under the sun?


1. Remove your ego & take a step back

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Ask the question ‘Is there anything you aren’t 100% happy with?’ or ‘Is this exactly what you were looking for, if not, let me fix it for you’. It’s tricky to get bookings on the spot but if your customer service is brilliant, they won’t even consider looking elsewhere. If most people aren’t convinced with what you’re selling, they’ll keep shopping around until they are happy. It’s at this point that the term ‘askhole’ comes to mind but trust me, there’s always time to turn one of them around.


2. ‘I have to check with my partner & let you know’

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When will you let me know? When would be the best time to get in touch? Did you want to organise an appointment with your partner to be here? Do you think there is anything in here they would want to change? SO MANY QUESTIONS TO ASK! Don’t let them slip away. I used this line many times as a single lady buying a TV… Who else am I going to check this with? The cat? Just kidding, Jingles doesn’t like Netflix anyway. The point is, there is usually something else going on so super sleuth your way through until they make some kind of commitment.


3. ‘I’ve found it cheaper somewhere else’


Classic internet, doing its thing right here. Did you know that you can type in a hotel name in Google and it will ask you to fill in the dates, THEN it searches 100’s of websites for the cheapest price. It’s like the Matrix coming to life. Trust me, if they have taken the time to sit down with you in a world where customers want everything instantly, the customer WANTS to book with you. So, yes, they probably have found it cheaper somewhere else but somewhere else won’t give them you & your expertise. Sell them on that. Come back with ‘Tell me more about the price you have found’… they usually have no idea and you can put your expert hat back on.


4. ‘We aren’t ready to book yet’


No, no. They are ready to book. I have never walked into McDonalds without knowing exactly how much money I have and exactly what I’m going to buy. Chicken nuggets, in case you were wondering. People are way too busy to waste time sitting down, planning out a holiday and then not being ready to book. This is where urgency comes in. That cruise they want to do next year, it’s on sale now because it will sell out. See? Easy! It’s important not to lie though because a quick internet search will discredit you and everything you’ve told them.

Basically, don’t take no for an answer. If they have the time to reach out – they want to book. You don’t call a hairdresser to make an appointment when you don’t want a haircut!


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What are your tips for getting that booking?