The Golden State has long been a star on the silver screen and this week, Visit California celebrated the latest California-set blockbuster release by hosting a special screening of ‘War For The Planet of The Apes’.

Set two years after the events of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, ‘War’ opens amid gorilla warfare in the forest of Northern California, where the apes have made a life amid the redwoods.

A total of 120 Queensland Agents were invited to attend exclusive screenings of the third instalment in the blockbuster franchise with cinema training sessions held in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.


Before the film got underway, VCA Trade Manager Melanie Mayer provided destination training to the agent groups and then awarded some of the agents with prizes for participating in quizzes and banana-eating competitions.

Once the monkeying around had wrapped, it was then time for the movie, choc tops, popcorn and banana lollies.


“Visit California values our Agent community so much and we love hosting agents at our Club California sessions.”

Melanie Mayer, VCA Trade Manager

“They’re a way for us to educate the frontline about California and our training platform California STAR while rewarding agents for all of the work they do to help sell California in this market.”

When was the last time you visited Cali?