Travel Agents have heard about the financially favourable Baby Boomers, they’ve hesitantly encountered the deal-seekers, but how many have dealt with the Desire Consumer?

They’re a new evolution of travellers who are willing to spend more but only if it comes with meaningful experiences and sustainable solutions.

Speaking at the Revolution Roadshow in Sydney this week, Chimu Adventures’ Co-Founder Chad Carey said Travel Agents could benefit from learning about and targeting the Desire Consumer because they make up 25 percent of the population and account for 50 percent of spend. They’re a fast-growing and high-spending group in the Aussie market

In Carey’s word, “these are the sort of customers Travel Agents want”.


The adventure specialist said consultants need to understand that when dealing with the Desire Customer it’s all about putting cost aside because “price isn’t always the most important factor”.

In fact, factors that are important to the Desire Customer are design and authenticity – “they don’t want to be on a 1,000 passenger ship with an inside cabin sitting next to 100 people doing the same thing”.

They also care about trying things that are unique and are willing to listen to an Agent’s ‘whispered secret‘ – “that’s someone saying to them, ‘I know you’ve seen this on TV but I’ve got this other idea you might be interested in and I think it might suit you”.

So how can they get their hands on them?


Agents need to lead with value. For example: “Pay a little extra, and you’ll travel with a smaller group, you’ll get close to wildlife and have a more intimate experience”.

There’s also an opportunity to task risks and change the conversation. Carey said this could be done by highlighting the sustainable difference between operators or educating them on over tourism and suggesting they consider making long-lasting memories in less visiting continents such as South America.

Finally, Carey said it’s essential for Agents to be real with these customers and be as passionate as they are.


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Have you encountered many Desire Consumers?