Everyone wants to be famous these days, and Travel Agents aren’t immune to this flight of fancy. After all, in this day of reality TV stars, fame is the social capital that pays the biggest dividends.

Last week on KarryOn, we thought we’d have a little fun with the idea of Travel Agent Reality TV shows, and so we wrote a satirical story about a new TV show based on The Apprentice that would pit 12 novice agents against each other in the quest for $25,000 in Coles Myer vouchers* (*Conditions apply).

The show, which would be known as The Novice, was of course complete fiction, but it was still fun to see how KarryOn readers reacted to the story.

And reacted to the story you guys did in droves.

We received nearly 170 Facebook likes and over 30 comments all up, and it was one of the most highly read stories of the week.

The response was so good, in fact, that perhaps this idea SHOULD be taken to major Aussie TV networks?

Some agents certainly thought so, claiming that it’s about time a TV show like this hit the airwaves:

Thanks guys – we think so too!

And some loved the little catch phrase we made up:

In fact, it didn’t take long after posting the story on Facebook for Travel Agents all around the country to begin nominating Novices to take part in the show:

Haha – love your enthusiasm guys!

Some agents, however, were dissuaded from applying based on the some of the conditions of entry:

Whilst others revelled in the challenge:

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 12.33.12 am

Still others weren’t exactly sure if they’d make for compelling viewing on TV, and were scared they’d break down on live television:

And then some agents failed to realise that the show would be for Novices, not experienced consultants with 30+ years…

But hey, this was just an idea, and perhaps there should be a show for more experienced agents.

It would make for excellent TV viewing, especially when you factor in the clients that experienced agents usually have to deal with…

Sadly, not all our readers saw the humorous side of the story:

Where’s your sense of humour guys?

At the end of the day, working in travel is all about the fun – god knows it’s not about the money. And if we brought a little smile to your face through this story, that’s what we really care about.

But seriously, maybe there is some hope for this idea to one day be turned into a TV show?

Let’s start a movement guys! Share this article with everyone you can, using the hashtag #thenovice, and let’s see if we can get this idea off the ground!

Who knows, we may be able to talk Skroo into getting onboard too…

Do you have anything you’d like to add to the conversation?